CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #429

It’s still Sunday!

The scores after the last round:

JaneYoung	52
Taylor	35
rsisk	34
GaryVoshol	33
PAR_WIG1350	27
DonRotolo	27
Wayne Doenges	25
Karibou	23
cgmv123	22
iPenguin	20
dictionaria13	20
EricH	20
EricS-Team180	19
Aidan S.	19
Jim Wilks	18
Al Skierkiewicz	17
akoscielski3	17
rachelholladay	17
SuperNerd256	16
Peck	15
Andy Baker	12
skimoose	12
dodar	9
Bill_B	8
Barry Bonzack	7
Danny Diaz	5
Cuog	5
JosephC	5
Joe G.	4
Travis Hoffman	3
J.Warsoff	3
Ninja_Bait	2
Boe	2
Rangel(kf7fdb)	2
O'Sancheski	1
Dsisk	1
Dchandler	1
Dr Theta	1
IndySam	1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Saturday at midnight Eastern


Shortly after this picture was taken, the engineering instinct kicked in. The vehicle is now a swerve drive tricycle built for seven, with room for two passengers and a load of basketballs.

I know the economy’s in a ditch, but doing this to get your team to St. Louis is just sad…

Real goats on a bicycle would tip over less. And probably smell better.

Now, put your right arm in
Your right arm up
Right arm in
Then you shake it all about
And then you do the goaty bikey
And drive yourself around
That’s what it’s all about, hey!

Show of hands; Who wants to get off the bicycle?

This is taking the idea of a clown car WAY too far

That bike needs a decent pair of horns warning folks to steer clear of those goats!

Is this a disfunctional democratic cycling squad?

Why is everyone signaling a right turn expect for one hold out?

There’s a rebel in every crowd. :rolleyes:

Folks, this bike can ride CIRCLES around you…

6 people just didn’t cut it for those guys. They had to try for seven. Unfortunately the extra person’s worth of torque on the chain caused it to snap and knock the 7th person off, leaving them with 6 again. If that’s not a sign that they went too far I don’t know what is.

Just before the arguement started the question was asked “Who wants to drive?”

Because even engineers have the desire to shout “Look Ma! No hands!” when testing their inventions.

“Hey guys, maybe we could just drive this in front of our robot cart to clear a path at competitions! Much better than ‘ROBOT, ROBOT COMING THROUGH, ROBOTTTTTTT’!”

Round and round and round they go. When they’ll get tired of messing with her, nobody knows!

Clearly they are researching for next years 7-motor drivetrain.

strongest guy decided to petal backwards “and that is why you keep metal out of the jags”

Testing out potential designs for the coopertion element of a future game. It’s still 3v3 - now speculate where the 7th human player will come from.

6 guys waving enthusiastically. 1 girl pedaling for all of them.

FIRST creates strong women.

Let me make sure I’ve got this right.
It’s a bicycle but it has 3 wheels. It’s a 7 person bicycle but it has 8 seats. And it’s driven by a bunch of goats.
OK, I get it it – this has something to do with FIRST!