CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #430

It’s that time again!

The scores after the last round:

JaneYoung	53
Taylor	38
rsisk	36
GaryVoshol	34
PAR_WIG1350	29
DonRotolo	28
rachelholladay	27
Wayne Doenges	26
Karibou	25
cgmv123	24
Jim Wilks	23
EricH	22
iPenguin	21
dictionaria13	21
Aidan S.	20
akoscielski3	19
EricS-Team180	19
SuperNerd256	17
Al Skierkiewicz	17
Peck	16
Andy Baker	14
skimoose	14
dodar	9
Bill_B	8
Barry Bonzack	7
Danny Diaz	5
Cuog	5
JosephC	5
Joe G.	4
J.Warsoff	4
Travis Hoffman	3
Ninja_Bait	2
Boe	2
Rangel(kf7fdb)	2
O'Sancheski	1
Dsisk	1
Dchandler	1
Dr Theta	1
IndySam	1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Saturday at midnight Eastern.


“No, you moron! The RED wire goes in the RED space, the BLACK wire goes in the BLACK space! Can’t you do anything right? Last time I got that reversed, my parents grounded me for three days–and I wasn’t even crawling yet! Now I’m walking, and you’ve been through high school, and you STILL don’t know that???”

And you thought that you were smart when you realized the square block went into the square hole…

Karthik teaching Nick Lawrence Electrical stuff…
Back then Karthik had hair and Nick was… oh wait no he’s still short…

Look at this guy, thinking he’s cool with his gold medal…

… Clink clink go my three :wink:

Guess being short isn’t so bad. Makes it easier for volunteers to award you with said medals.

Back to the contest, here’s my bid.

“This is a wire. It makes the power go- NO TIMMY DON’T EAT THAT!”


Karthik teaching Nick Lawrence Electrical stuff…
Back then Karthik had hair and Nick was… oh wait no he’s still short…

<NPOE>^^^^^ How am I supposed to compete with that entry?:yikes: </NPOE>

Can we finally put a hard lower age limit on FRC teams? Seriously!

Oh great, you just ruined him for FLL. How’s his FLL coach supposed to get him interested in MindStorms when you’re teaching him JAVA?

Finally released – a 2009 picture of team 1745’s “secret weapon”. Clearly this is how team 1745 came home with a blue banner in 2009.

Pre-college student.

A demonstration of when you both want to be good teenage parents and still do FIRST.

And that is how you stay grounded. Now on to how the robot works.

FIRST’s testing phase for the launch of their new program - Jr. FRC

After failing to identify the correct ground wire, Dave (on the left) had to go back to his teacher for remedial training.

“So Mommy found the plans for the laser rifle in the drawer, under your Sponge Bob underwear, Kiddo. She doesn’t want you playing with guns so much, so Daddy’s going to teach you how to build one ‘killer’ robot! How’s that sound?”

Pavan’s idea of fun? Paying it forward.

When the cRIO contract ends in a few years, I think I know who the mastermind behind the new controls system will be.

New definition to the term “pre rookie”

If he can do it, you have no excuse. Does it really matter which “he” I mean?

This is** not** how FIRST tests the electrical portion of the Robot manual!

The “c” in cRio really stands for “child.” Now, you can see why.