CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #44

Y’know, at USC, in the Astronomy courses, unit 44 deals with pseudoscience. (I only know this because I took that unit.)

Here’s the scores…

 MissInformation	131
 Gary Dillard	128
 T. Hoffman	126
 Dlavery	103
 Jay H 237	77
 Dorienne Plait	75
 Greencactus3	73
 Rich Wong	70
 Andy Baker	61
 DCA Fan	59
 Amanda Morrison	55
 JVN	54
 Bcahn836	47
 GateRunner	46
 Michelle 236	45
 Koko Ed	45
 Elgin Clock	45
 Greg Needel	45
 Eugenia Gabrielov	45
 Tkwetzel	45
 JosephM	42
 EddieMcD	36
 "Big Mike"	34
 Brandon Martus	30
 Matt Attallah	29
 Kyle45	28
 Jeff Waegelin	27
 Richardp	27
 VGMasterShadow	26
 DanielBCR	26
 Arefin Bari	23
 Nehalita	22
 Shyra1353	21
 Squirrelrock	19
 Mike Ciance	18
 Jessica Boucher	17
 Lil' Lavery	16
 Astronouth7303	15
 Rich Kressly	14
 Robo hottie71	14
 Wetzel	12
 Tom Schindler	12
 Jacqui	11
 Steve W	11
 Killerofkiller	11
 Alex Cormier	11
 Aignam	9
 Denman	9
 Icurtis	9
 Kyle	9
 JamizzleHavok13	8
 Vivelation	8
 EricS-Team180	7
 Jack Jones	7
 RogerR	7
 Meli W.	7
 George1083	6
 ZACH P.	6
 Cyberguy34000	6
 TierraDelDiablo	6
 Andrew Rudolph	5
 George56	5
 Katy	5
 Marc P.	5
 Stephen Kowski	5
 Al Skierkiewicz	4
 Barry Bonzack1604	4
 Ken Patton	4
 Tytus Gerrish	4
 Corey Balint	4
 CourtneyB	4
 Jay Trzaskos	4
 Joe_P.	4
 Yan Wang	4
 David Kelly	3
 Alex Pelan	3
 Ben Lauer	3
 DJ Fluck	3
 IMDWalrus	3
 Lisa Perez	3
 Sakura141	3
 Cory	2
 DaBruteForceGuy	2
 Dillon Compton	2
 Ecarlson	2
 EnderofDragon	2
 Jake177	2
 Jdiwnab	2
 Jeff_Rice	2
 Joe Ross	2
 Joshua May	2
 Karinka13	2
 Nobrakes8	2
 Tom Bottiglieri	2
 Wayne Doenges	2
 EricH	2
 Aaron Lussier	1
 Bill Gold	1
 Coco The Monkey	1
 Collin Fultz	1
 ElfMaster	1
 Eria4044	1
 JakeGallagher	1
 Katie Reynolds	1
 Kayla13	1
 Matt Krass	1
 MATT_kaplan108	1
 NoRemorse	1
 Pat McCarthy	1
 Sanddrag	1
 StephLee	1
 Tiffany34990	1

…and the picture:

As always, the deadline is midnight Saturday.

“Hey, crank up that amp! I’m having trouble listening to the cords over that vacuum!”

Tired of hearing his constant complaints about being forced to do field cleanup due to a shortage of volunteers his colluges intended to get a violinst to accompany his complaints but had to settle for the band playing “It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To”

Unfortunatly, the head ref was assigned clean up duity for the Kamen Brothers concert due to the amount of rotten apples, pieces of crunched up paper, and allen renches thrown at them.

after the band realized they couldn’t hit that sweet note, they gave the referee the go ahead to vacuum up the remaining shards of glass

Brandon: Andy, you think they will listen to the music at all? After all its lunch time.

Andy Baker: Brandon, I am a legend, they would do anything to listen to my voice.

Announcer: Now we have the band performing for us. ANDY BAKER IS GOING TO SING.

… people starts walking out for lunch.

This isn’t the Apollo?


The ref vacuuming:

“Dang… this vacuum isn’t the only thing on the floor that sucks.”


Dean Simmons and the Kamens Rule!

After being kicked out of the band the ref tried to find any way to get back at them.

Dean Kamen and the Simmons are always known for the large crowds they draw to each of their concerts.

Dean Simmons: Hey, so what did that announcer guy mean when he said “at least we know THIS will keep all the teams off the field and drive them out of the arena while we are trying to clean”???

Slash: I dunno. And why are all those dogs barking all of a sudden?

Dean Simmons: “Man! I just hope that someday we are good enough to play on an actual stage.”

Dean Simmons: We are MUCH more important than being back here behind this field! C’mooooon…why are we back here?!

Guy with the vacuum: Because you won’t stop complaining!

Dean Simmons: …Keep vacuumin’.

Lead Singer- " Umm guys the song is over you can stop now"
Guy on the far right- " But boss the kids aren’t clapping"
Ref- “Gee wonder why that might be?”
Guy on the left- " Its for the robots man the robots"

Sorry guys; when he said he had an upright and wanted to jam with us, I assumed he meant “bass” not “vacuum”.

Ozzy: “Wha’ th’ bloody 'eck…? Huh??? I’m confused - Shaaaaaaron!! I’ve seen corpses that were more alive than this place. I thought this crowd was supposed to be filled with wild and crazy teenagers? What happened, mates?”

Slash: “Like, these threads totally explain it, dude.”

Ozzy: “Well that’s just bloody wonderful! Let’s give these tossers the old IRI retirement home act.”

Group: “ROCK ON - real slow and quiet-like!” Sings “We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun, la la la la la la la, la la la la la, la laaaaaaaaaaaaaa…”

Crowd: “Could you all please just shut up? We’re trying to sleep here!”

Ref: “That’s a 30-point nonresponsiveness penalty on the crowd! No one wins! Here, let me add to your auditory discomfort, you slackers!” switches on vacuum NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR…

When was the last time a Head Referee cleaned and vacuumed the playing field?
Well, FIRST’s new “Whistle While-U-Work” Volunteer Appreciation Pilot apparently is working!
To encourage volunteers to work additional jobs and hours, FIRST offered LIVE music during the setup, lunch breaks, and breakdown periods. Volunteers have the choice of Rock, Pop, Jazz, Reggae, Rap, and R&B. Punk Rock was not offered for obvious reasons.

vacuum guy: stupid freaking band why can’t they play some real music like, baby one more time?

When the referee couldn’t afford a new MP3 player, to listen to while he worked, he got the Kamen Brothers for a song.

Wayne Doenges
Lemmings non Sumus

Tonight on VH-1: Fast Bots and Screamin’ Guitars, the rise and fall and recovery of Dean Simmons and the Kamen Brothers. While fellow band member Slash battled donut addiction, Dean Simmons struggled to overcome his irrational fear of Chiaphua motors, and the rest of the band fought viciously over the best word to rhyme with autonomous. Caught between a robot and a hard place, the band had no choice but to clean up their act.