CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #469

It’s a whole new ballgame!

After the season-ending contest last week, here are the scores:

You        0

Instead, I give you the rules. (Other rules have been created, but these are the ones that see use.)

Traditionally, roughly half of the entries receive a two-point honorable mention, and one particularly good zinger received the burn award, good for three points. The remainder receive a single point.

There have been some updates to the rules over the years:

(“Working” gets a rather liberal interpretation, mind you.)

Since then, the only thing that’s changed is the deadline: **Saturday at midnight Eastern, **though entries posted afterward will count if they’re posted before I open the thread to score it.

Got it? Good–because here’s the picture:


Welcome to the Red Green Show!

Even back in 2007 you had to arrive nearly 5 weeks early to get the best seats at the FIRST Robotics World Championships (if only they had a lottery system… sigh)

<npoe> any one else find it odd that a picture from the 2007 world championships (4/12-14) was posted on 3/9/2007? </npoe>

Their very best Tricky Dick impersonaton…

[NPOE]If you don’t get the reference, young whippersnapper, Google the term and look at Images…[/NPOE]

Wow. The Las ThunderBots were masters of the crowd-selfie five years before that was even a thing. The only missing pose is the ducklips - but no ThunderChicken would stoop to such fowl levels.

There are more people there than at Marlins Park!

“lol I made it look like his lower back had antlers”.
“Isn’t that supposed to go on the head?”
“What head?”

Predicting an IRI alliance?

Here we can see one volunteer and one Thunderchicken. Hint: the Thunderchicken is wearing a lei.


Hey, I won something meaningful for once!</npoe>

The student on the left is always easy to beat in Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock. She always pick scissors.

Clearly the simbots and thunderchickens did not discuss a photo strategy ahead of time.

Before the Eh team, there was the lei team.

They were having such a good time they didn’t even notice that nearly everyone else went home.

Here we see assembled the entire Billfred fan club membership.

Everyone, go home. You can not beat this alliance. Ever.

[noe]Trying for -infinity in the first week? :yikes: [/noe]

Happiness Pre-48

Sorry for the delay, everyone–stymied first by a bird, then by my browser not getting that no, I didn’t want to use my back button!

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

Honorable mentions go to:

  1. DonRotolo
  2. cgmv123
  3. Wayne Doenges
  4. rsisk
  5. Tom Ore
  6. Karibou

And the burn award goes to:

Which means the scores are:

Joe G.	10
Taylor	5
Don Wright	3
DonRotolo	2
cgmv123	2
Wayne Doenges	2
rsisk	2
Tom Ore	2
Karibou	2
EricH	1
bardd	1
GaryVoshol	1
rachelholladay	1
Jim Wilks	1
Littleboy	1