CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #474

It’s still Sunday!

The scores after the last round:

EricH	24
Taylor	17
Don Wright	15
Joe G.	12
rsisk	12
Andrew Lawrence	10
dodar	9
rachelholladay	9
Wayne Doenges	9
GaryVoshol	9
DonRotolo	8
cgmv123	8
bardd	7
Jim Wilks	7
Tom Ore	5
mdituri	4
jwallace15	3
Al Skierkiewicz	3
Littleboy	3
Karibou	2
safiq10	1
Katie_UPS	1
efoote868	1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Saturday at midnight Eastern.


I find your lack of ability to design a robot disturbing.

Ever since Eniac was relegated to mowing the soccer field at school, the only thing left for 399 to do was practice the dance moves they learned at Roboprom.

Such a tragedy…

“Dude there’s no way we can full court!”
“You underestimate my powers” sinister look

Student on left: “You take my breath away.”

Team 399 takes “Gettting up in the world” to a new level

118 shoots helicopters down. We shoot freshmen down.

Hey guys! Like my invisible pogo stick?

[NPOE] How awesome would a hybrid pogo stick/segway be? [/NPOE]

Designing a t-shirt cannon is child’s play now. We have to launch something much bigger and way more impressive. So a freshmen is bigger but not so impressive…anybody have a better idea? Anybody? Would a senior do it or a mentor?

The discs are with you, young student, but you are not a human player yet.

This is why programmers can’t have nice things.

Scene from the upcoming movie “The Robot Exorcist.” (This is how we’ll get FIRST a wider audience.)

The human player had trouble accepting some people weren’t as committed to the FIRST vision as he was.

My dog does that when you throw a frisbee.

Team Member 1: Your ability to score disks is at most average. I mean, what has it gotten us? A second place seed at one competition, a finalist at another, and then an Engineering inspiration award…we barely made it to worlds because you couldn’t score 80 disks instead of 70 but nooooo…cough…

Team Member 2: I find your lack of faith in my abilities disturbing. Just remember who got that date to Roboprom…freshman.

Mentor: Enough. Release him.

Team Member 2: As you wish.

Note to self: Take off the T-shirt before launching.

After 6+ months of being put through hell and high water, there’s always that one driver that the robot hates.

You don’t need to see his identification … This isn’t the freshman you’re looking for … He can go about his business … Move along.

A: Come over to the Dark Side of FIRST!

B: FIRST doesn’t have a Dark Side.

A: It will once you join it.

[Not an entry]Invoking the Billfred-is-working-too-hard-rule.
It’s still Monday![/Nae]