CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #477

It’s that time again!

The scores after the last round:

EricH	30
Taylor	25
Wayne Doenges	23
Al Skierkiewicz	20
DonRotolo	16
Don Wright	15
Littleboy	15
rsisk	15
rachelholladay	15
cgmv123	13
Joe G.	12
bardd	12
GaryVoshol	12
Tom Ore	11
Andrew Lawrence	10
dodar	10
Jim Wilks	10
jwallace15	8
mdituri	5
Karibou	4
JohnFogarty	4
sarah_storer	2
efoote868	2
safiq10	1
Katie_UPS	1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Saturday at midnight Eastern.


You’d think a fundraiser would actually have people at it…

3666’s robot was looking for a part-time job after his season was over and found work at Sonic.

Sonic drive thru testing out ther new food delivery system… Wasn’t long before the customers demand the young girls on roller skate be brought back.

After aggressive advertising failed, Sonic decided to take a shot at another way to bring customers. Unfortunately, 3666 missed “another way to bring” when reading that last sentence.

Trying to add a new spin to “flippin burgers”.

This is how you robot!

Would you like fries with that? Launches Frisbee

Update to the “If a tree falls in the forest…” question:
If an FRC team hosts an outreach event and nobody comes, can they still discuss it in their Chairman’s presentation?

Team 3666 recoded their robot during the off-season and decided to test it out at their fundraiser.

Here is just a short excerpt…


Sonic decided to try out a new plate delivery system. It was fast and accurate but you needed to be a major league outfielder to catch them and you know what those guys get paid

Hey, if I hit hit the Mexican restaurant from here, will you get me a taco when you retrieve the frisbee?

The 3 point goals are too easy to hit. You know the big red buttons that say “Push to Order”? Thats our target.
Do we get a free meal when we hit it?

“Fundraiser at Sonic” turns into “Get RadioShack as a sponsor by knocking on their door with Frisbees thrown from Sonic”.

[NPOE] Note the store at the end of the row, directly in the line of fire.[/NPOE]

Plastic burgers are better suited to Micky D’s.

Both Sonic and 3666 thought that doing an outdoor demo was a great idea.

That perception soon changed after more than a few errant frisbees went into neighboring properties. Broken glass sounds accompanied some of them. The situation got worse when those looking for said frisbees decided to eat at neighboring fast food establishments.

The result as seen here is a demo with only two remaining participants and no spectators.

Perhaps a new demo plan is called for?

[New Entry]

FRC Team 3666 had a very powerful frisbee shooter. During a demo, at Sonic, a poor Jack Russell Terrier caught one of the discs. They found him and the disc a week later alive and well in the next county.

Burger that flies? To go?

(replaces prior entry)

Testing a new restaurant concept: “UltraSonic” - where guests are entertained by high speed flying objects while they dine.

As much as we like to have fast robot and we like to have food when we robot, robots do not go well with fast food sometimes.