CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #479

Here we go!

The scores after the last round:

EricH	33
bardd	32
Taylor	30
Wayne Doenges	26
Al Skierkiewicz	24
DonRotolo	23
Littleboy	22
rsisk	19
rachelholladay	17
Don Wright	15
Tom Ore	15
cgmv123	15
GaryVoshol	15
dodar	13
Jim Wilks	13
Joe G.	12
Andrew Lawrence	11
jwallace15	10
mdituri	5
Karibou	4
JohnFogarty	4
efoote868	4
Pault	3
sarah_storer	3
safiq10	1
Katie_UPS	1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Saturday at midnight Eastern.


Opponents thought this operator was cute. That was BEFORE said operator became the youngest member of an FRC World Championship drive team.

So this is how 2056 gets their drivers ready for 4 year runs.

At 3883’s last outreach event, they came up with a new idea to attract children: if you can yaw the robot exactly 57.238 degrees to the right, you get two cookies and a teddy bear.

They say it’s the tongue that does all the work.

Now this is concentration. This little girl not only fired three discs into the 3 point goal but was able to get the last bit of chocolate from the corner of her mouth.

Those steely focused eyes would put fear into the opposing alliance, but once the tongue came out, they knew for sure they were doomed.

I could make this shot if the %$#%^ photographer would get out of the way.

Must. Get. Stuffed. Animal!

“We can lick these guys.”

Real life is totally weirder than video games.

This girl figured out how to control the robot with her tongue. Who needs joysticks?

They said if I made this last shot that they’d give me a cookie! And I want that cookie!

The boy in the back went before her, and the look on his face says he just got out-driven by a little girl.

The fact that she made 9 cycles against heavy defense in 1 match is even more impressive when you realize that she is too short to actually see the field.

Team 3883 was pleased with their new driver until they realized that the elimination rounds fell right in the middle of nap time.

I think I can. I think I can.
I know I can. I Know I can.
I did it! I did it!

“I finally got this Colton kid out of the way! Now watch me drive like I stole it.”

What’s this? Judging on a Sunday night? Crazy I know, but bear with me on this one…

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

Honorable mentions go to:

  1. dodar
  2. bardd
  3. Wayne Doenges
  4. Taylor
  5. Tom Ore
  6. EricH
  7. rsisk

And the burn award goes to:

Which means the scores are:

EricH	35
bardd	34
Taylor	32
Wayne Doenges	28
Al Skierkiewicz	25
GaryVoshol	25
DonRotolo	24
Littleboy	23
rsisk	21
Tom Ore	17
rachelholladay	17
cgmv123	16
Don Wright	15
dodar	15
Andrew Lawrence	14
Jim Wilks	14
Joe G.	12
jwallace15	11
Pault	8
mdituri	5
efoote868	5
Karibou	4
JohnFogarty	4
sarah_storer	3
safiq10	1
Katie_UPS	1