CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #482

It’s that time again!

The scores after the last round:

EricH	41
Al Skierkiewicz	37
Taylor	36
bardd	36
Wayne Doenges	34
GaryVoshol	30
DonRotolo	28
dodar	26
rsisk	26
Littleboy	24
cgmv123	18
Tom Ore	17
rachelholladay	17
Jim Wilks	17
Don Wright	15
Andrew Lawrence	14
Joe G.	12
Pault	12
jwallace15	11
efoote868	8
mdituri	5
Karibou	4
JohnFogarty	4
sarah_storer	3
Jay H 237	2
safiq10	1
Katie_UPS	1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Saturday at midnight Eastern.


Its a game hint! In the top right corner, there is a quarter of a window. A quarter is worth 25 cents. Common sense is something that I lack because I think I can figure out this game hint. 2 years ago the game hint was a fish. A moon fish is a type of fish. Moon fish… Moon… Lunar… Lunacy replay!

Ok, we got the engines to stop which is a good thing. We got them to stop before they ran into the building which is another good thing. Now how do we get them to stop before they knock the railing off the stairs?

Alright, there’s a train. And near the train is Dave Lavery. And it’s not really a train, it’s an old locomotive, a STEAM engine. And STEAM is just a form of WATER. And anything and everything that is posted on CD regarding DAVE LAVERY must be a GAME HINT for next year. So a future year’s game will involve water, locomotive, and something to do with FIRST’s logo. LOGOMOTION!

This is how the movie, Unstoppable, actually ended.

The train was barred from entering the field, not because it didn’t meet sizing or weight requirements, but because it didn’t have belay system attachment points!

There once were four guys from Des Plaines
Who never did anything but complain
They tried all different ways
But lost ev’rything they’d play
Because they didn’t understand how to ‘train’.

Here we see some very high-up FIRST personnel consulting thomas the tank engine, in an attempt to come up with a kindergarten level FIRST program, so that the kids don’t reach Jr.FLL unprepared.

[NPOE] In Hebrew thomas’s name is way cooler… I was kinda disappointed doing research for this entry. \NPOE]

Training engineers Laverly style.

<NPOE>These are not jane’s puns</NPOE>

How’s this LocoMotion game ever going to work? No robot can push a locomotive. I can’t even do it. See?

Oh, LogoMotion? Nevermind…

(With apologies to Gilda Radner.)

JVN: “Hmm…Chris can’t push the train. Hey, Dave, Brandon! Let’s go get the Beatty B.E.A.S.T and see how THAT does!”
Dave (thinking): “How can I make a game hint out of this?”
Brandon: “I can just see this ending up in Billfred’s hopper; I better make sure I don’t look like I’m involved…”

Are you sure this is what they meant by FIRST training?

Dave Chanting:

I think I can.
I think I can.
I think I can.
I can!
I can!
I can!
No bloody way.
No bloody way.
No bloody way.

There once was an engineer named Dave
Who’s rovers the people did rave
Steam trains were his passion
But they thought that was old fashion
So to NASA his life he gave

If I can push this train, I should be able to push 25’s drivetrain!

Welcome to “Logomotion in Real Life”. Sounds like a fun game, doesn’t it? Push a locomotive (not included in the KoP) and climb a pole. Good luck.

Happy Monday, everyone!

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

Honorable mentions go to:

  1. GaryVoshol
  2. EricH
  3. jwallace15
  4. Wayne Doenges
  5. Pault
  6. DonRotolo

And the burn award goes to:

Which means the scores are:

bardd	46
EricH	43
Taylor	41
Al Skierkiewicz	38
Wayne Doenges	36
GaryVoshol	32
DonRotolo	30
dodar	27
rsisk	27
Littleboy	25
cgmv123	21
Jim Wilks	18
Tom Ore	17
rachelholladay	17
Don Wright	15
Andrew Lawrence	14
Pault	14
jwallace15	13
Joe G.	12
efoote868	9
mdituri	5
Karibou	4
JohnFogarty	4
sarah_storer	3
Jay H 237	2
safiq10	1
Katie_UPS	1