CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #50

I believe the proper phrase for such an occasion is simple…w00t!

Here’s the scores:

 T. Hoffman	146
 MissInformation	146
 Gary Dillard	142
 Dlavery	119
 Dorienne 007	94
 Jay H 237	87
 Rich Wong	84
 Greencactus3	74
 Andy Baker	67
 DCA Fan	66
 Amanda Morrison	57
 Bcahn836	55
 JVN	54
 Koko Ed	53
 JosephM	51
 Tkwetzel	48
 Elgin Clock	46
 GateRunner	46
 Michelle 236	45
 Greg Needel	45
 Eugenia Gabrielov	45
 "Big Mike"	39
 EddieMcD	36
 Arefin Bari	35
 Richardp	34
 Shyra1353	31
 Brandon Martus	30
 Matt Attallah	30
 VGMasterShadow	30
 EricS-Team180	29
 DanielBCR	29
 Kyle45	29
 Jeff Waegelin	27
 Rich Kressly	26
 Nehalita	26
 Jessica Boucher	22
 Jacqui	20
 Squirrelrock	19
 Lil' Lavery	18
 Mike Ciance	18
 Alex Cormier	18
 Astronouth7303	15
 Robo hottie71	14
 Wayne Doenges	14
 Icurtis	14
 1Derboy	13
 Wetzel	13
 Marc P.	12
 Tom Schindler	12
 Steve W	11
 Alex Pelan	11
 Killerofkiller	11
 Denman	11
 Aignam	9
 Kyle	9
 Katy	8
 JamizzleHavok13	8
 Vivelation	8
 Jack Jones	7
 RogerR	7
 Meli W.	7
 George1083	6
 Andrew Rudolph	6
 ZACH P.	6
 Cyberguy34000	6
 TierraDelDiablo	6
 Al Skierkiewicz	5
 Barry Bonzack	5
 George56	5
 Katie Reynolds	5
 Stephen Kowski	5
 Ashley	4
 KathieK	4
 Ken Patton	4
 Tytus Gerrish	4
 Corey Balint	4
 CourtneyB	4
 IMDWalrus	4
 Jay Trzaskos	4
 Joe_P.	4
 Yan Wang	4
 David Kelly	3
 Ben Lauer	3
 DJ Fluck	3
 Karinka13	3
 Kayla13	3
 Lisa Perez	3
 Ogre	3
 Sakura141	3
 Tiffany34990	3
 Bryan D	2
 Cory	2
 DaBruteForceGuy	2
 Dillon Compton	2
 Ecarlson	2
 EnderofDragon	2
 Jake177	2
 Jdiwnab	2
 Jeff_Rice	2
 Joe Ross	2
 Joshua May	2
 Miketwalker	2
 Nobrakes8	2
 Santosh	2
 Tom Bottiglieri	2
 EricH	2
 Matt Krass	2
 Pat McCarthy	2
 Aaron Lussier	1
 Bill Gold	1
 Cdr1122334455	1
 Coco The Monkey	1
 Collin Fultz	1
 ElfMaster	1
 Eria4044	1
 JakeGallagher	1
 MATT_kaplan108	1
 NoRemorse	1
 Sanddrag	1
 StephLee	1

Before I get to this week’s picture, there is something I have to cover. If you haven’t read my signature, I’m headed to Maine for a month (more or less) to teach at a camp up there. I know there’s internet access in the office, but I’m not sure if I will have enough free time up there to get the caption contest judged. (For reference, it took me the better part of half an hour to judge the last contest, which had about 22 valid entries. If a contest goes three pages, I’m in for a longer time.)

Luckily, I have a backup plan. I guess we’ll make it a rule…

Either way, here’s this week’s picture:

And, whether I’m in charge or not, the deadline is midnight Saturday.


“Crud… I forgot the sunscreen” - Gary

[not an entry] The emaciated-looking kid in the orange shirt is me [/not an entry]

::dave taking a picture of Gary and Heidi::

Gary: I told you that Heidi would take a picture with me.

Heidi: grrr… this old man… ::mumbles::

Dave: So Gary, you did say that you gave Heidi your last paycheck right?


“Ummm…Gary, do you mind not standing on the curb. You’re really making me look short.”


“I’ll step off the curb as soon as you step out of that pothole!”

Wait Billfred, dont’ you mean THIS ONE?


“…please return the egg.
please return the egg.
please return the egg…”

Heidi(thought): Of all the people to get stuck by

Gary(thought): Of all the people to get stuck by

Gary: Alright, who photoshopped my head?

Heidi: thinks to self “Next time I’ll have to try the Jessica Boucher method …”

Gary: “What on earth am I doing here? I could be doing something useful, like taking a nap.”
Heidi: “You’re becoming a photoshop victim. Don’t leave, you’ll ruin the picture.”

Gary: “The things I have to go through to get a Dave button…”
Heidi: “Could be worse, I normally make people find Dave and sing you are my sunshine!”

<NOT ENTRY> To think I had a whole pocket full of those nice buttons :D. Also with the The OTHER Billfred Is Working Way Too Much Rule don’t Heidi run the contest. I don’t want to think of what she might pick :eek: " </NOT ENTRY>

Dave: (off-scene) Hey Gary, you’re looking a little red in the face, what’s wrong?

Gary: Well, for starters, Heidi’s standing on my feet to make herself look taller…it’s quite painful…

Dave: (steps in front behind cameraman to see perspective) …Not working.

Gary and Heidi naively thought that being named “Webhug King and Queen” was an honor and it meant everyone loved them. When they found out people were making fun of them, they vowed to join forces and get even.

FIRST: Making women’s hair grow, and mens hair fall out.

Dillard: “Dave, I can’t believe you are charging……”

DaveL: “ Say Cheeeeeezzzz!” click

Dillard: “…. ME TEN dollars to take a picture with this plastic cut out of Heidi.
Billfred said you only charge him FIVE. Sounds like favoritism to me!!!”

When Dillard lost the official SPAM barbie doll, he grabbed Heidi Foster and quickly took a picture with her to show fellow SPAMers that hope was not lost and a real life SPAM doll existed.

Hedi- “How did you get your forehead so shiny?”
Gary- " Lots and Lots of turtle wax."

“Ah, the joys of being forced against your will to pose for the 50th Caption Contest…”

<not entry>Gotta offer congrats on hitting the big five-oh. Here’s to another fifty. :)</not entry>

Boy, I left my computer at home and I’m still being plagued with spam male!

Gary: Hedi buddy pal

Hedi: uh-oh

Gary, listen hear me out, woodie wouldn’t let me have his pony tail, this heat is killing my scalp, can i borrow some of you hair pulls out a pair of snips