CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #51

…live from Maine. (Curtis: Nice state.)

Here’s the scores:

 MissInformation	156
 T. Hoffman	148
 Gary Dillard	144
 Dlavery	121
 Dorienne 007	96
 Jay H 237	89
 Rich Wong	85
 Greencactus3	74
 Andy Baker	67
 DCA Fan	67
 Amanda Morrison	57
 Bcahn836	57
 JVN	54
 Koko Ed	54
 JosephM	52
 Tkwetzel	48
 Elgin Clock	46
 GateRunner	46
 Michelle 236	45
 Greg Needel	45
 Eugenia Gabrielov	45
 "Big Mike"	40
 EddieMcD	38
 Richardp	36
 Arefin Bari	36
 Shyra1353	31
 Brandon Martus	30
 EricS-Team180	30
 Matt Attallah	30
 VGMasterShadow	30
 DanielBCR	30
 Kyle45	29
 Jeff Waegelin	27
 Rich Kressly	26
 Nehalita	26
 Jessica Boucher	25
 Jacqui	20
 Squirrelrock	19
 Alex Cormier	19
 Lil' Lavery	18
 Mike Ciance	18
 Wayne Doenges	16
 1Derboy	15
 Icurtis	15
 Astronouth7303	15
 Robo hottie71	14
 Wetzel	13
 Marc P.	12
 Tom Schindler	12
 Steve W	11
 Alex Pelan	11
 Killerofkiller	11
 Denman	11
 Katie Reynolds	10
 Aignam	9
 Kyle	9
 Katy	8
 JamizzleHavok13	8
 Vivelation	8
 Jack Jones	7
 RogerR	7
 Meli W.	7
 Ashley	6
 George1083	6
 KathieK	6
 Andrew Rudolph	6
 ZACH P.	6
 Cyberguy34000	6
 TierraDelDiablo	6
 Al Skierkiewicz	5
 Barry Bonzack	5
 George56	5
 Stephen Kowski	5
 Ken Patton	4
 Tytus Gerrish	4
 Corey Balint	4
 CourtneyB	4
 IMDWalrus	4
 Jay Trzaskos	4
 Joe_P.	4
 Yan Wang	4
 David Kelly	3
 Ben Lauer	3
 DJ Fluck	3
 Karinka13	3
 Kayla13	3
 Lisa Perez	3
 Ogre	3
 Sakura141	3
 EricH	3
 Tiffany34990	3
 Bryan D	2
 Cory	2
 DaBruteForceGuy	2
 Dillon Compton	2
 Ecarlson	2
 EnderofDragon	2
 Jake177	2
 Jdiwnab	2
 Jeff_Rice	2
 Joe Ross	2
 Joshua May	2
 Miketwalker	2
 Nobrakes8	2
 Santosh	2
 Tom Bottiglieri	2
 Cdr1122334455	2
 Matt Krass	2
 Pat McCarthy	2
 Aaron Lussier	1
 Bill Gold	1
 Coco The Monkey	1
 Collin Fultz	1
 ElfMaster	1
 Eria4044	1
 JakeGallagher	1
 MATT_kaplan108	1
 NoRemorse	1
 Sanddrag	1
 StephLee	1

And the picture:

One small change, though. I’m staying pretty busy in Maine, and I don’t want to hold the contest up because I don’t have time to judge it. (Right now I’m doing this during my free period, which is an hour. Not too long.) In order to make sure I have time, the deadline is midnight Friday, instead of the usual Saturday.


Golden Pharaoh: “This is not the King Tut Exhibition!
Wizards of Staten Island, I believe you misunderstand me- I said First Boy King not FIRST Robot Game.”

Judge1: So uh…what talent does Rich Wong have again?
Judge2: It’s not him…its the robots!
Judge1: AH! That’s cool!!! I want one!

In an effort to bring magical powers to their robot to beat the HOTBOT(though according to the rulebook it is strictly illegal) Team [name missing becuase I can’t make out the team name] brought a mummy. Unfortuneatly the mummy was very angry after being taken from Egypt and quickly began cursing FIRSTers in the immediate area. The camera man was hit during this photo, thus explaining the shakeyness (is this the same camera man from contest #42](

::Judges Thinking::

Its fun to watch Andy Baker piggy back ride John V Neun while Paul Copioli is the Human Player. But its more fun to see Gary Dillard piggy back ride Heidi (she is sweating) while Dave Lavery is the human player.

FIRSTers get reminded yet again why it’s a bad idea to consume large quantities of Mountain Dew and coffee before attempting to photograph a match.

Pharoah: “Yes, I’m impressed with your machinery handling these tetras… but despite what you think, this is not how the pyramids were built…”

Woman judge reads paper; " Lost Pharaoh must be returned to Egypt by Wed. as it is up for sale!"
Man judge next to woman; "hmmm, I’ve seen him here somewhere, whats that big gold thing moving around there with all those pyramids…

Pharoh “Yes my slave judges you will give us the Chairmens Award.”

Pharaoh: Hey, what’s that scissors lift doing over there? It should be on the field capping and building my pyramid!
Judge 1: (to Judge 2) Did you hear that? I don’t think that dude read the manual very well.
Judge 2: 'Course not. It wasn’t written in ancient Egyptian, despite what the teams think.

That’s what you get for holding a regional in Las Vegas…

It is a proven fact that most cases of spontaneous mummification occur while waiting for the winners of each Triple Play match to be announced. DON’T BECOME THE NEXT VICTIM! Simpler rules + fewer penalties = A mummy-free FIRST.

[BLAH] Hey, I didn’t have access to any local team forum. I might as well kill two birds with one stone. :rolleyes: [/BLAH]

Pharaoh: Curse of a thousand plagues! This software is taking so long to post a score I could have another pyramid built in less time!

Although Woodie may look cool while taking pictures, he still needs some practice…

reference to:

Woodie’s first picture … He really needs to learn how to use that camera … Maybe one of his students can teach him … …

“All Bow to the Almighty 7 foot Tetra!” -Pharaoh to Judges at NYC regional

Pharoah: “Oh Oh I want that one!! It can be my Queen, I will make her the best in all of the land of Egypt!”
Person-next-to-Pharoah: “Uh dude, you are a teenage boy in the 21st century, dressed as a Pharoah…”
Pharoah: “Noooooo! I am a Pharoah! I know I am! I mean look at my goooold!”
Person-next-to-Pharoah: “You mean your gold colored fabric?”
Pharoah: ::begins to cry::

The Judges watch as the first ever Princess of FIRST contest takes place.

[not part: and you thought he wanted a robot! :p]

Pharaoh: "That human cameraman is terrible! Replace him with one of my slave robots!
Advisor: “And what do we do with the human?”
Pharaoh: “Something menial… make him stack my pyramids!”

The crowd can hardly contain its excitement while watching the exhilerating action of this year’s autonomous mode.

Judge #1: Okay guys, everyone stay cool… I can’t be sure, but I think they’ve caught on to our pyramid scheme…
Judge #2: Impossible… what makes you think so?
Judge #1: Well, don’t look now, but I think the guy behind us is a spy…