CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #521

Welcome to the second decade (or just the eleventh year) of the Chief Delphi Unofficial Caption Contest!

After the season-ending contest last week, here are the scores:

You        0

Instead, I give you the rules. (Other rules have been created, but these are the ones that see use.)

Traditionally, roughly half of the entries receive a two-point honorable mention, and one particularly good zinger received the burn award, good for three points. The remainder receive a single point.

There have been some updates to the rules over the years:

(“Working” gets a rather liberal interpretation, mind you.)

Since then, the only thing that’s changed is the deadline: **Saturday at midnight Eastern, **though entries posted afterward will count if they’re posted before I open the thread to score it.

Here’s this week’s picture:


Hazards of working in this shop: Falling into the elevator pit, then having the team members build the safety railings around you while you’re still in it!

The China Rookie Team Kits have the best resources in them.

FIRST demo’s a potential new rule - instead of shipping the robot to CMP, we will now ship the mentors.

When you get done with this one, build a second. I always wanted a walk in tub.

Proof that you’re still young at heart: your students pack you in the crate, not the other way around!

Little know fact that mentor Bob was the inspiration for Alice In Chains’ song: Man In The Box

No, no! We’re supposed to think outside the box!

[NPOE]I propose we extend the “working too much” rule to allow more than a day’s leeway. Billfred is, after all, a volunteer at this, and he traveled to New Jersey (on purpose) just this weekend. To volunteer.[/NPOE]

Bob: “How can I think outside of the box when I work in a cubicle?”

[NAE] He just invokes a chain use of the BIWWTM Rule. He can move the date one day, and that becomes the date to judge the contest on. If he’s still busy, a second invocation of the rule. In really extreme cases, there is always the OBIWWTM Rule, which has never been invoked despite the threat of it being used right after being created. [/NAE]

Everything is Made in China.
Everything. Everywhere.
But the one homegrown creation,
Is getting shipped directly there.

(obviously not an entry)

Eric pretty much has it, given this snippet:

If I’m coming home through a poor cell signal area to get to my laptop and thus the means to judge, that’s still working. :wink: But if I blow it off all the way to Tuesday, there had better be a top-notch reason. Even I have my limits.

Reverse Outsourcing- The US sending our engineers overseas instead of getting products from overseas.

“Are you sure this is how David Copperfield got started?”

I wonder if caption #521 and caption #434 are a FIRST?

And for bonus points:
We will see what we can post in time for 4 captions from now.

Some may recall contests to see how many people could fit into a phone booth, etc. Here’s the FIRST reincarnation of that effort – How many mentors can you fit into a shipping crate? Although just Bruce is visible here, 3 other mentors are already in the crate.

Why fasten your box together with screws or bolts when you can use clamps? They’re cheaper, smaller and don’t come apart nearly as easily!

Let the record reflect that I started this at 11:57 PM on Monday night. Aside from a condo board meeting and my side business eating up a chunk of my evening, I had to make a fresh spreadsheet for the new year!

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

Honorable mentions go to:

  1. Taylor
  2. rsisk
  3. dodar
  4. cgmv123
  5. DonRotolo
  6. Jay O’Donnell

And the burn award goes to:

Which means the scores are:

Jon Stratis	10
efoote868	5
Wayne Doenges	3
Taylor	2
rsisk	2
dodar	2
cgmv123	2
DonRotolo	2
Jay O'Donnell	2
EricH	1
GaryVoshol	1
Tom Ore	1
Bruce Newendorp	1
Jim Wilks	1