CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #525

You know, it’s still Monday to the Swartdogs…

The scores after the last round:

Jon Stratis	24
cgmv123	24
Wayne Doenges	10
efoote868	9
DonRotolo	9
Taylor	8
rsisk	8
dodar	8
Al Skierkiewicz	7
Jay O'Donnell	7
EricH	7
Jim Wilks	6
GaryVoshol	5
orangemoore	3
Daniel_LaFleur	2
Tom Ore	1
Bruce Newendorp	1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Saturday at midnight Eastern.


Meh, you think you had it rough building robots?! All we have in our shop is 3 cordless screwdrivers, an oil filter wrench and a shoe horn.

But of course when you throw in a Woodie Flowers caliber mentor, the world is your potato!

Wire cutters!?! HA! I can do this myself…

Back in the day, when we walked to school in the snow uphill both ways, rechargeable batteries contained mercury, solder had lead in it, and Pluto was still a planet, we didn’t have any of these fancy components. We had protoboards, resistors, and BJTs, and we were grateful we had that.

No, no, you misunderstand. The robot is named Stinky, not the lead mentor.

Male mentor: “Looking carefully - Here we see someone who freely expresses emotions and feelings, thinking is clear and focused, and is undergoing a sudden change in lifestyle.”

Female student: “You get all that from the electronics board here?”

Male mentor: “Forget that, we’re here to learn palm reading”

“We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better…stronger…faster.”

[Countdown shows 10 seconds]

Mentor: If the countdown hits zero, something terrible happens. If you cut the blue wire, something terrible happens. If you cut any of the red wires, something terrible happens. If you cut any of the black wires, something terrible happens.

Student: 20 seconds left! We can’t cut any wire. What do we do!?!?

Mentor: Push the emergency stop button on the back.

Student: Oh. [Pushes button]

[Countdown descends rapidly from 12 seconds to zero. Confetti and balloons drop from the ceiling.]

Student: Why did we bother trying to stop a party from starting?

“Oh, NOW I get it! You’re saying the whodijingle meshes with the whatsit this way!”

“That’s right, Coach Fredi. Now we’ll learn how to put it together…”

…and this is my scale model of a squid. I know the tentacles aren’t usually red, but…


Billfred is working out??:confused:

You see, the robot lays down flat so we can stick it into the bottle, then we’re going to give a tug on this wire and BAM - full sized FRC robot in a bottle. No one will know how we got it in there!

What he says: “See, the red wire is for the +12VDC and the black is grounded.”
What he’s thinking: I hope we have hamburgers today with bacon. MMMmmmm Bacon.
What she says: “Yes, I understand.”
What she’s thinking: I can’t wait to meet Dean Kamen.

Well, you did a great job but…
You are supposed to have an equal number of red and black wires. So is this an extra wire or is there one still missing? Or is there one going to the wrong place? Take your time, your grade depends on the answer.

Who told you the Red Wires go to the Negative terminals?
I did?
Yes well the actually go to the Positive terminals. Please don’t tell anyone about this, you know because this is just embarrassing.

Ha! It’s still Monday!

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

Honorable mentions go to:

  1. Jon Stratis
  2. rsisk
  3. Al Skierkiewicz
  4. orangemoore
  5. EricH

And the burn award goes to:

Which means the scores are:

cgmv123	29
Jon Stratis	26
Jim Wilks	16
Taylor	11
Wayne Doenges	11
efoote868	10
rsisk	10
DonRotolo	10
Al Skierkiewicz	9
dodar	9
Jay O'Donnell	7
EricH	7
GaryVoshol	6
orangemoore	5
Daniel_LaFleur	2
Tom Ore	1
Bruce Newendorp	1