CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #53

It was a dark and stormy night…well, actually it is up here in Maine.

Normally, this is where I’d make some awkward segue to the scores. But since it’s a new year, I’m going to wipe the slate clean.

Here’s a reminder of the rules:

-I post a picture. You come up with the best caption for it, judged on originality or, in the absence of that, dry humor.
-First place gets ten points, second place gets five, honorable mentions are two, and the burn award (given to the best zinger of the week) gets three. All decisions are made by yours truly. (Oh, and everyone gets at least one point.)

Along the course of the past year, there’s been a few rules created, most of them on the fly. Here’s the list:

(of course, the deadline is now midnight saturday, but the theory remains)

Oh yeah, and I’m probably supposed to stick a picture in here somewhere. Here we go:

As always, the deadline is midnight Saturday.


Under the pretense of reffing, Andy and John really just wanted to take a peak “under the hood” of the national champion.

Doing the worm on the metal grating from 2003 really hurts.

Five minutes after the initial proposition to see who could do more push-ups, we listen in…

Andy Baker: “Ooone!”
JVN: “Ack! One half!”

(JVN)WOW!!! look at Wildstang’s bot its PURITY!!!
(Andy) one sec i see my mom HI!! mom!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

JVN: “I told you they would send us tools to break out.”
Andy: “Hit the deck we have been spotted!”

Baker and JVN both being strap for cash heard a quarter fell under the ramp,
andy looks back and shouts “ALRIGHT I CAN SUPERSIZE IT TONIGHT!!!”

John: Dude, you are suppose to check if the robots are on the ramp or not.

Andy: But they have 4 robots on the field which are ready to go, you think they can kill us during Autonomous?

John: You have been in FIRST for a while, haven’t you learned yet that the field is being controlled by the scorekeepers? They didn’t press start the match yet.

So that’s how those omni wheels work on the grate!

Gosh you’re right Big Mike, the number 111 is definitely only .74" stroke AND only 3.99 inches tall; they should have been disqualified which means Raider Robotix should be declared the national champions.


John- “See I told you these were the best seats in the house”
Andy- “The Robots are coming the robots are coming!!”

Watch out V-Neun, here comes the “steamroller”. Aaaaah!



When Chris asked us to be part of the entertainment, this wasn’t what I had in mind!

JVN and Andy wake up.

JVN: “Gosh I didnt know sleeping on a metal grid would be so nice”
Andy: “Uh dude, the teams are here…”
JVN: “You mean… they saw us sleeping… on the SAME side of the field!? My reputation is ruined!”

** John**Dude! Check out the wicked lift package on Wildstang’s bot!

“Uh, John? You did say you wanted to meet Raul, right? Well I think you’re going to get your chance earlier than you thought!”

Andy: Oh no! The attack of what seems to resemble some form of recycled materials is upon us!
John: Don’t worry, if we lie still and pretend to be zebra crossings, nobody will suspect a thing wink wink

In a somewhat misguided attempt to combine mountaineering and robotics, John and Andy attempt an assault on “El Ramp”…

John: C’mon Baker, none of those girlie push ups
Andy: I can’t help it John, I had one too many Chilly Cow/Chili Dog combinations