CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #537

Charging onward!

Here are the scores from the last round:

Jim Wilks	57
cgmv123	53
GaryVoshol	49
Jon Stratis	48
DonRotolo	46
EricH	45
Taylor	40
efoote868	33
rsisk	30
dodar	27
Wayne Doenges	27
Al Skierkiewicz	23
MARS_James	+infinity
orangemoore	14
Jay O'Donnell	8
Barry Bonzack	4
Daniel_LaFleur	4
IndySam	2
Tom Ore	1
Bruce Newendorp	1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Saturday at midnight Eastern.


The real reason for wearing safety glasses is not that the robot’s claw can put out an eye or two. It’s so that you don’t get blinded by the light and drawn into it’s death grip! Unfortunately, someone forgot to warn Billfred when he visited from 2031.

Mentor: You realize this is a safety hazard right?

Student: Yep, I wouldn’t touch those exposed wires. You wouldn’t want to hurt the robot. It is too important.

As has been pointed out safety glasses seem to be a recent invention as back in the dark ages of FRC they seem to rarely exist in photographs, BUT that is not the true safety hazard of this image! No it is not the man reaching inside a robot that is clearly on! It is that the students SHOE IS UNTIED! We are lucky no one died! Remember kids:

::safety:: Safety FIRST ::safety::

I think I see why the Orange Blinky Light is blue… You hooked it up backwards! *This *wire goes to the flux capacitor, and *that *one goes to the control system. Also, I think your hearing is a little too low to hit 88MPH!

[NPOE] SORRY fit my hiatus the past few weeks…started a new job and didn’t have much time for posting! [/NPOE]

I don’t get it… The whizzmo is whizzing the gizmo is gizzing, the whatchamacallit is whatchamacalling and the flurb is grinting. So why don’t the wheels turn?

Maybe that spaghetti we spilled in there?

This robot comes complete with a Freshman Entertainment Device. “Boing, boing.” (Freshman giggles.)

Mentor: I’m thinking with a little polycarbonate and some silicone caulk we could seal this base and use it for next year’s water game.

Student: Well, I did see Dave Lavery use the water fountain just a little bit ago, it must be a game clue.

Student: “What does this switch do?”
Mentor: “Don’t touch that!”
*Student flips switch down" All the gym lights turn off
Mentor: “I had to tie the gym power into the robot to power this spinning blue light.”

You see the craziest things on clearance at the K-Mart Blue Light Special.

[Robot starts rising]

Guy in green polo: My hand’s stuck. My hand’s stuck! I can’t let go!

[Robot stops several feet above the ground and crashes to the ground]

Kid in blue polo: The levitation circuit works!

Guy in green polo: Really?!?! While I had my hand stuck in it?

Kid in blue polo: I needed to know if I could levitate a human for my magic act. Now stick your hand back in there. I need to see if it can lift both you and me.

Student: “We’ve got a bit of a problem with this robot.”
Mentor: “Ah ha! I see the problem right here”
Student " That’s not really the problem"
Mentor: “No? Then what is it?”
Student “We built this robot to pick up big balls, but Breakaway is still 7 years away!”

Thanks for putting up with me having the plague! :slight_smile:

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

Honorable mentions go to:

  1. orangemoore
  2. DonRotolo
  3. Wayne Doenges
  4. Taylor

And the burn award goes to:

Which means the scores are:

GaryVoshol	59
Jim Wilks	58
cgmv123	54
EricH	50
Jon Stratis	49
DonRotolo	48
Taylor	42
efoote868	34
rsisk	30
Wayne Doenges	29
dodar	27
Al Skierkiewicz	23
MARS_James	19
orangemoore	16
Jay O'Donnell	8
Barry Bonzack	4
Daniel_LaFleur	4
IndySam	2
Tom Ore	1
Bruce Newendorp	1