CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #54

Here we go again. Here’s the scores:

EddieMcD	10
Dlavery	5
Pat McCarthy	3
“Big Mike”	2
1derboy	2
Amanda Morrison	2
Ashley	2
DanielBCR	2
Dave Scheck	2
DCA Fan	2
Elgin Clock	2
EricS-Team180	2
Jay Trzaskos	2
Koko Ed	2
MissInformation	2
Rich Wong	2
T. Hoffman	2
Al Skierkiewicz	1
Andy Baker	1
Arefin Bari	1
Bcahn836	1
First degree	1
Gary Dillard	1
Goober!!!	1
Jay H 237	1
KathieK	1
Nehalita	1
Richardp	1
Spears312	1
Tytus Gerrish	1
Wilshire	1

And the picture…

Now, one thing to note. The deadline remains midnight Saturday. However, that’s also my final night here in lovely Bethel, Maine. I fly home Sunday late, but I’ll be running around for most of the day. Therefore, the judging (and thus the next caption contest) may happen on Monday.


Assault trial evidence A.
The photo in question seconds before the defendant viciously assaulted the victim.

boy: “shes got a funny white thing on her wrist hahaha”

Yo YO my name is Dori
Im the first female white rapper
…YO :cool:

“All those in favor of taking over the role of driver, say ‘I’.”


Dori…thinking to herself]

Darn! This is getting to be annoying! First they keep trying to make me speak ‘whale’, then they keep trying to take my picture, and now my date keeps laughing like Jim Carey! Maybe it’s about time to feign sickness and get out of this whole mess…

[not an entry] wow never done this before. let’s see how it goes…[/not an entry]

geez dad! I know you have to take my picture and all. But did you have to do it wearing that kilt?

dori: :thinking: this is how the movie stars feel… I’M A STAR!!! :smiley: …silly cameras…

Dori- “Talk to the Hand”

Dori: shoo fly dont bother me!
Sorry dad, I thought that your head was a fly, maybe next time you wont take a picture!:rolleyes:

Me: (moves hand up, thinking) Please let this picture not come out, please let this picture not come out…

(later that weekend)

Me: (flips through pictures) …Crap.
Seth (guy in picture): I WANT THAT PICTURE.
Me: (thwack)
Seth: …Does that mean yes?

D-d-d-d-d-dooorraaa: Don’t show them how cute I look. The FIRST guys might come after me.

Seth: You wish. :rolleyes:

The light…THEEEEEEEEEEE Lighttttttttttt

Paparazzi Catches Dorienne Plait with Mysterious Companion!

July 17, 2005
CD has confirmed that FIRST celebrity DORIENNE PLAIT (16) was recently seen in the company of a handsome “mystery man.” According to her publicist, the gentleman is a long time family friend. Sources tell CD that the couple were heading to a local event when paparazzi caught the pair enjoying their time together. Stay tuned to CD for all the latest on the developing romance!

“Very funny, this better not show up on the unofficial caption contest… oops”

When Dorienne spotted a mosquito on her dad’s head, she tried to kill it. Unfortunately, her dad turned around and she missed the mosquito, but recovered herself in time to try to block the picture, which attempt was also unsuccessful. However, it gave Billfred a caption contest and everyone else a good laugh.

Seth: Dori, what are you doing?
Dori: I’m practicing my prom queen wave for later, can’t you tell?
Seth: Right.

Dosn’t my date look like that clown from Twisted Metal?

Prom dress: $500
White corsage: $75
Prom tickets: $50
Having your most non-photogenic moment of the night highlighted in the Caption Contest: priceless

There are some things money can buy. For everything else, there’s Billfred.

Dori: “Talk to the hand cus this face aint gunna be in any picture!”
Seth: Laughing “Omg did she just use talk to the hand, thats so second grade… I give her a zero for attitude” [notice his hand almost in zero shape]