CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #55

Ah, it feels good to be back in Columbia. Heres’ the scores:

Jay Trzaskos	12
EddieMcD	11
Gary Dillard	6
Dlavery	5
Arefin Bari	4
Ashley	4
Dave Scheck	4
DCA Fan	4
EricS-Team180	4
Koko Ed	4
MissInformation	4
T. Hoffman	4
Pat McCarthy	3
1derboy	3
KathieK	3
Nehalita	3
Rich Wong	3
“Big Mike”	2
Amanda Morrison	2
Brandy836	2
DanielBCR	2
Dorienne 007	2
Elgin Clock	2
Kyle45	2
Tiffany34990	2
Bcahn836	2
Jay H 237	2
Spears312	2
Al Skierkiewicz	1
Andy Baker	1
Barry Bonzack	1
EricH	1
First degree	1
Goober!!!	1
JosephM	1
Kjhobin	1
Lisa Perez	1
Richardp	1
Termite233	1
Tytus Gerrish	1
Wilshire	1
Xzvrw2	1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is Saturday at midnight. And this time, I’ll hopefully judge it on Sunday.


Not an Entry:
Ohhh THIS should be fun. Nobody hold back now…
Feel free to give him the full brunt of the “bald” jokes I’ve been getting.
/Not an Entry.

John: “Let me look at my statistics and see which one of us really got bald faster…”

John- “I wonder if FIRST provided the formula for hair growth?”

Mr. Neun - “let’s see here Jay. No use of duct tape… check”
Mr. Neun - “all the electronics and pneumatics are good… Check”
Mr. Neun - “Hmm., the only problem is your use of radioactive materials. Hold on, I know who you are Jay. You started that JVN is a dweeb thread on Chief Delphi. I guess I can let this hazerdous materials thing slide…”
Jay - Wow, thanks Mr. Neun!"
Mr. Neun - No problem, (writing on pad) ‘inspection passed.’ "

[Not an entry] yeah i know i wasn’t at the NYC regional… and w00t, I’m in FIRST place[/Not an entry]

[Also Not an entry]haha, everyone now: JVN is bald, JVN is bald… :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: [/Also Not an entry]

“Darnit, I really wanted to be a Ref, not an Inspector… I don’t understand why they thought my being near the playing field might interfere with the cameras seeking the vision tetras… It’s not like the lights bounce off my head or anything…”

Mr. Neun walks up to team 47’s pit to inspect their robot…

Pit crew members: This time we are ready Mr. Neun.

Mr. Neun: You know there is a easy way to pass this inspection right?

Pit crew members: What’s that?

Mr. Neun: Make fun of JVN’s bald head and compliment to me about my nice hair.

Neun - So your saying that chainsaw is non-functional decoration?
Student - Yes, The chainsaw doesn’t work because we had to use the spark plugs in our lawn mower.
Neun - Well…I still can’t pass you because you have a lawn mower and that contains “sharps” that could damage the carpet.
Student - Don’t look at it as “damage” but as maintenance.
Neun - Oh…

Team Member: here comes Neun! take cover! his head is blinding!
(team members hide)
Neun: Where is everyone? They can’t tell me about their robot. Hmm…FAIL.

OK… for the last time, yes, my name tag does say “John Neun” and I am JVN’s father. No, I’m not going to introduce my son to you, as he is probably too busy signing autographs or designing martini-pouring Vex robots. Let’s drop the JVN stuff and get to this inspection.


“The list of teams that are in the JVN club…hmmm fail, fail, fail, fail…”

[not an entry]I like how the photo is of John Neun, and everyone is still making fun of JVN[/still not an entry]

Student: I wonder that if I take a picture of John with the flash on… if the flash will reflect of his head!
John: Dont you dare take a picture of me! I will fail your bot!
Student: Too late! Hahahaha.
John: “Good thing I used anti glossy gel in my hai… on my head today :-)”

Over heard at the **2034 FIRST Competition **

" Cough, cough Alright guys…My name is John V. Neun.
Cough. Yes, I’m the real one.
I’m here to inspect your robot.

Ok… where are your calculations for maximum motor load.
I want to see the current draw vs. load torque diagrams.
Let me see your calculation for gearbox load.
Did you calculate the motor current draw and robot velocity over time?

Well sonny, I’m waiting……


Sigh, Just as I thought.

You young JVN-Want-A-Be have it made these days.
When I was young, I build my own gearbox with my own two hands.
I was the best, I tell you, I was the best….

None of these silly prefabricated perpetual engines, virtual transmissions, and ionized-geometry sensors were available in the good old days. They’re for wimps. " :wink:

I wonder if you can use John Neun’s head to concentrate a beam of light and blind the other alliance…hmmm…

Student: Er, Mr. Neun sir, it’s a robot…with no legs…
Mr. Neun: I know. I just always wanted to say that.
Student: whispers to JVN Your dad’s weeeeird…
Student: …
Mr. Neun: Exactly.

According to NASA’s extensive calculations it has been determined that John will be completely bald by the end of the 2006 season due to high stress levels from constant mockery from the chiefdelphi gang.

Man, I thought judging would be easy, instead I got more paperwork than what’s required when applying for a mortgage!

In National Geographic:
“This here is the rare, silver-back gorilla. As rare as it is with hair, it is even rarer without. You, reader, are one SPECIAL person, as you will never see another in your life.”

In the neverending battle of supremacy between father and son, John Neun the Elder can rest assured he will win one key battle, for he, at his advanced age, STILL has at least some hair on his head. His son will not be as fortunate.