CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #55

Not pictured: JVN on his knees thanking the Powers That Be that the baldness gene comes from the mother’s side.

JN Senior: BWHAHAHAHA I Shall finally get my revenge, for i am truly the bette Nuen, AND ALL SHALL COWER IN FEAR AS I FAIL THEM !!! BWHAHAHAHAHA… On a Side note, Kids, stop obbessing over JVN, BIg Mike is way cooler and so much smarter, and he has hair.:stuck_out_tongue:

“I’ve checked every FIRST document and I don’t see anything that states that my son John is supposed to be ridiculed publicly at least once a wekk on Chiefdelphi…”

“Dave Lavery says it’s pimp? I don’t care if the Pope says it’s pimp, it still doesn’t pass inspection!”

“Why is everyone looking away from me…oooh right, sunglasses arent saftey glasses.”

O, did you miss that memo about the new TPS report covers?

Neun: mwap mwap mwap mwap.
Student: but it’s supposed to be shiny and reflecty and smooth and hairless
Student: … no sir i wasn’t talking about your head … yes sir… i really was talking about my robot sir…
Neun: mwap mwap mwap…
Student: it’s okay sir… your son will keep you company

Mr. John Neun looks down in disappointment at his new Robot Inspector’s task. Mr. Neun was serving as Field Reset, until FIRST had figured out that his glare was the cause of their recalibrating the cameras every match.

(me to my wife) “Honey, there’s something wrong with my monitor. It’s like I’m looking into a mirror.”

Student: (looking at robot) Oooo… Shiny!
Neun: You say something like that one more time and im going to fail you! you dont want that right?
Student: Is it my falt your head shines light on the robot
Neun: Have fun failing!

Student:AAAAHHH Its so Bright
JN:Yes, its a safety feature. Like a lighthouse of sorts.

[N/a]This was at nyc… i noticed quite a few nyc teams posting in response lol

What Mr. John Neun never told anyone about his inspections- he didn’t pass everyone because he felt nice, or their robots were in order… nope… he passed them since he had no idea what the papers said because of the apparant glare. :rolleyes:

[not an entry] billfred- i refuse to be a loser! [not an entry]

…and about that highly polished dome protecting your FRC…
I can’t see anything in the rules to dis-allow it…hmmm… And, for some reason <shakes head> it seems so oddly familiar!

As an extra safety feature, NYC pit administration was handing out tinted safety glasses to all competitors.

[not an entry]

I must say that collectively, this week’s entries have been the funniest I’ve ever read for one contest, I think. Mine pales in comparison to some of your truly devilish concoctions. Bravo.

The name “Neun” just brings out the best (or worst??) in public ridicule, I guess.

[/not an entry]

Amanda (to John): “Well… think of it this way, the future is looking bright!”

Yep now i have all the pieces to my super hair regrowth beam.

at a halloween store
Clerk: “Attention customers! John Neun wigs now on sale! Complete your JVN set with the elder one!”
Me: “Mom I so need that!”
Clerk:" your total is $2.29 sir"
Me: “Isn’t that wierd!”

Student to fellow team-mate: I thought they got rid of the rotating dome lights after 2002.
Mr. Neun: What are you looking at?!

John "Ahhhhhh papers papers papers " throws them away “I dont like these papers the make me BALD” :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: