CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #575

Happy IRI Week!

The scores after the last round:

Taylor	15
cgmv123	12
Ichlieberoboter	5
EricH	4
GeeTwo	4
dodar	4
efoote868	4
GaryVoshol	4
Wayne Doenges	4
Jacob Bendicksen	4
rsisk	4
Jim Wilks	4
DonRotolo	4
DohertyBilly	3
Vale	2
Nick Lawrence	2
Kevin Leonard	2
orangemoore	2

And the rules, for the newbies.

And the picture:

As usual, the deadline is officially Sunday at midnight Eastern. As un-usual, I will be at IRI this year and will accept your entries in person. (No volunteer role at this time, but I’ll be around.) I’m traveling to and from Indy via Amtrak, and my slightly ridiculous (yet epic and ambitious) itinerary has me getting home Tuesday morning. I might be able to judge it from the road, but no guarantees. This is vacation for me, people! :stuck_out_tongue:

All that said: Go!

Travel budgets are a bit tight these days. Here, we see yet another team experimenting with new ways to get their members from point A to point… A?

Practicing crowd surfing in the off-season in preparation for Champs.

“We can fix the open-toed shoes and no safety glasses, but it’s too heavy, too tall, too wide, and too long.”

“But we checked the rulebook! There are no size or weight limits this year!”

“Check the **arena **rules. There’s no way the inspectors will allow a custom driver station that doesn’t fit on the shelf.”

Just another programmer finding a new workspace. This one has the advantage of gently rocking for a quarter, as well as expansion space on top.

Who would have thought that 4 years on a FIRST team in high school would lead to a career in the QA department of Kiddie Thrill Rides, INC.

They didn’t realize that what appeared to be a rocking car ride was actually the newest product from BoomLand.

The Robonauts never won another safety award after that weekend.

The backup plan for the Week Before Week 1 Palmetto event. ( )

Way back in 2007, FRC robots were built and controlled somewhat differently than today.

[NPOE]Thanks for the fix Billfred, you have been working too hard![/NPOE]

Dave thought it would be cool to try car surfing. Unfortunately the car got going too fast and Dave had to hang on for dear life. Luckily a Wal Mart employee heard his cries and came and unplugged the ride.

Announcer voice Robots got you down? Tired from working dawn to dusk on a robot that’s only purpose is confusing people by its lack of the ability to move? Well we have the solution for you. Come down to boomland and take a ride on our rocking car! For only a quarter, you can have the ride experience of a life time. FIRST team approved! (though admittedly one of their designers tried to inform us of some of our design flaws with the ride)

Boomland is not responsible for any accidental explosions, cuts, bruises, infectious diseases, or FIRST losses supposedly caused by this ride.

Some random guy saw my “rocket shoes” and tried to light my shoe laces on fire. Unfortunately, my friend didn’t notice because the car had no rear-view mirrors. So boy was he surprised when it turned out that I really was wearing rocket shoes.

His body provides so much lift he doesn’t even need to have his arms spread out.

This was the test 233 tried before they decided to send their robot to IRI on the roof top.

Here we see a shot from “Honey, I Shrunk the Car”, Disney’s last entry in the Honey I shrunk series of movies.

photograph taken shortly before Pavan scibbled “OINK OINK” on the truck

Do we need to file a missing persons report? :o

[Not an entry] Assuming that wasn’t an entry, I believe an automatic invocation of the BIWWTM Rule is in play, and we’ll get results tonight. Interference with Billfred is a violation of the OTHER Heidi Foster Rule–and as I recall, the occasion for such rule being created was someone making a wisecrack about Billfred being late back from IRI![/NAE]

I believe this was the BIWWTM Rule’s cousin, the You Don’t Want Billfred Judging Anything After Sleeping Two Consecutive Nights On A Train Doctrine. After IRI, I had a 6:00 AM train Sunday morning out of Indy, a very full day in Chicago, then an overnight train from Chicago to DC, then the next night DC to Charleston. I got off the train in Charleston at 4:44 AM, was eating breakfast about 5:13, watching the sun come up over the water at 6:07, and was parked at my house a little after 8:30. That was just enough time to get home, get a shower, get to working, and start digging out from being on the road five days straight. I’m still not fully recovered, but I’m better than I was!

That said, first place goes to:

Second place goes to:

And the burn award goes to:

Which means the scores are:

Taylor	17
cgmv123	14
EricH	14
Kevin Leonard	7
Ichlieberoboter	7
GaryVoshol	7
GeeTwo	6
dodar	6
efoote868	6
Wayne Doenges	6
rsisk	6
DonRotolo	6
Jacob Bendicksen	4
orangemoore	4
Jim Wilks	4
DohertyBilly	3
Vale	2
Nick Lawrence	2