CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #576


The scores after the last round:

Taylor	17
cgmv123	14
EricH	14
Kevin Leonard	7
Ichlieberoboter	7
GaryVoshol	7
GeeTwo	6
dodar	6
efoote868	6
Wayne Doenges	6
rsisk	6
DonRotolo	6
Jacob Bendicksen	4
orangemoore	4
Jim Wilks	4
DohertyBilly	3
Vale	2
Nick Lawrence	2

The rules, for the newbies.

And the picture:

As usual, the deadline is nominally Sunday at midnight Eastern.


“Sonny, I must say that you do great credit to this suit and its previous wearers. I wore it when I was your age; your father wore it too. But you’ve got to stop inviting everybody to peel you!”

Nice work but Lavery wants his suit back.

I hate bananas

I hope this banana’s not too ripe. I don’t want to feel a squish when we high-five.

“Raise your right han… er peel, and repeat the mascot promise after me:
I promise to be a mascot to the best of my abilities, to always stay in character and to bring happiness to crowds everywhere.”

“Oh, right, you’re a banana. Never mind.”

“Is that giant living banana trying to give me a high-five? I really need to get these glasses cleaned.”

“State your name”
“State your name”
“do hereby pledge allegiance to the FIRST”
“do hereby pledge allegiance to the FIRST”
“with liberty and bananas for all”

Hey starboy! Watch me backhand slap this kid on his head.

Adult: “How’s that Philosophy degree working for you?”

Watch how you are walking, we don’t want any slip ups!

It’s a good thing the man is wearing side shields on his glasses- splattering banana in the eye after a good match is a serious safety concern at the Florida Regionals!

A high-five wasn’t really a-peel-ing at that moment.

Now you need to raise your right hand and promise me you’ll stop taking off your costume and leaving it on the ground. This is the seventh time someone’s slipped on it!

Orange you glad you’re wearing a banana suit?

Stay back and don’t touch me! You’re way over-ripe… and I don’t mean the suit!

[NPOE]rotten kid[/NPOE]

Team 612, Chantilly Robotics has a unique mascot. They also have this banana suit guy!

The team voted for the most a-peeling mascot, but it turned out to be a split decision, creating quite the slippery slope.

I can’t believe I’m giving this kid in a banana suit a high five.

Kid better not have real bananas. :]