CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #577

[NPOE] Saw this one coming…[/NPOE]

How to freak out your mentors: Wash PVC in the only unit of their company’s latest product in existence, just to test it of course.

Hi, I’m Johnny Knoxville, welcome to Jackass.

“Has Mr. Richard been watching the A Team again?”

Guys, when I said we needed pipe cleaners, I meant the other kind.

FRC3620: Can we strap a COTS washing machine and two plastic tubes to our robot?
GDC: There are no rules specifically prohibiting this.

“Who gave the freshmen the Q&A login?”

Washing machines shrink clothes, not PVC.

Nice try, 3620, but you’re going to have to buy your standoffs.

Last week, the washer randomly came to life and spent the whole day trying to get us to talk to it. It made it impossible to concentrate! Finally, we couldn’t take it anymore, so we gagged it with our last two pieces of PVC pipe. It was definitely worth the sacrifice. (Who uses this massive size of PVC, anyway?)

Squeaky clean, sure - but now we need to grease them.

Kid at computer: Our finances are terrible. We need to raise money.

Other kid: I’ve priced this new Whirlpool washer at $60.00 for our garage sale. We should be able to get a bunch of them off the back dock of our sponsor.

Programmer: “Lets see, we can shoot three different levels: light, normal and heavy.”
Kid in red: “Dude! We’ll call our washing machine converted t-shirt launcher Permanent Press!

Is that a killer robot? Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and Steve Wosniak are going to be pissed!

Student in Red: “Why are there binoculars sticking out of the washer?”
Programmer: mumbles “I don’t know.”
Washer: “We’ve been found out!!! Now we will never get the winning code. Quick, go into spin cycle.”

Stickfigure Death Theater in real life.

Attempting to create a practical example of an input-output machine didn’t go so well.

These students soon learned to never walk past the barrel of a loaded washer cannon.

Kid in red: I don’t think this is working…
Kid in Black: Ughhhh this is why they wouldn’t let us call ourselves the above-average Joes!

OK, I get that it did a nice job getting the pipes squeaky clean. I get that the grease stains are gone and that they smell “spring fresh”. I get that it even took off all the manufacturing marks and UPC stickers. However, was no one watching when the “spin” cycle hit?!?!?

NEW ENTRY: (Thank you Billfred for waiting for me…)

Moments before the horrifying end to the Olympic Hide & Seek finals*

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Finally! (You pack one more box, and next thing you know you’re crashed out!)

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

And the burn award goes to:

Which means the scores are:

Taylor	29
EricH	21
cgmv123	18
DohertyBilly	13
Ichlieberoboter	12
Kevin Leonard	11
GaryVoshol	11
DonRotolo	11
GeeTwo	10
dodar	10
efoote868	10
Wayne Doenges	10
rsisk	10
Jim Wilks	8
Jacob Bendicksen	6
orangemoore	6
Poseidon1671	5
Al Skierkiewicz	4
Vale	2
Nick Lawrence	2
IndySam	2
nickyflash	2
thatprogrammer	2
mastachyra	2