CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #578

Only eight hours late! :rolleyes:

The scores after the last round:

Taylor	29
EricH	21
cgmv123	18
DohertyBilly	13
Ichlieberoboter	12
Kevin Leonard	11
GaryVoshol	11
DonRotolo	11
GeeTwo	10
dodar	10
efoote868	10
Wayne Doenges	10
rsisk	10
Jim Wilks	8
Jacob Bendicksen	6
orangemoore	6
Poseidon1671	5
Al Skierkiewicz	4
Vale	2
Nick Lawrence	2
IndySam	2
nickyflash	2
thatprogrammer	2
mastachyra	2

The rules, for you newbies.

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Sunday at midnight Eastern.


Anybody can make a human pyramid. Fairport’s human sphere and human cube led to their Team Spirit Award.

No matter how many people they threw at the problem, they still couldn’t help Jimmy find the contact lens he dropped.

(GDC Member) If only we could somehow incorporate this structure into a game… better wait a while, we did tetrahedrons two years ago.

Kids: "Now get the robot to practice climbing!’
Mentor: “How many time have I told you that pvc does not stand for ‘people vertically connected?..’”

And **this **is how you mount a Blue Lightning Rod!

Girl on top: “Lift me higher, or I will continue to flog you!” (Maybe she’s related to Yertle.)

Unfortunately the recycling container fell off the top- I was gonna set a new high score with that stack!

Kid on the bottom row: “Uh, guys? You do realize that the 30-point bonus only applies to ROBOTS over 1’ from the ground in their home zone, right?”

(Thanks for the help looking for my contact, guys!)
Hi Mom!

Here we see where the GDC got their inspiration for Ultimate Ascent. You can even see a student (blue hair) simulating a robot climbing the pyramid :smiley:

She just volunteered to clean up the entire event herself. And she only has 2 hours to turn the venue over to a pharmaceutical convention.

Man why does the 2013 live stream only show one side of the field, on the red pyramid we have 3 robots doing a 30 point climb. On the blue we just have 2 duct tape headbands.

Announcement over PA system: “We need a team to tear down the field - any volunteers?”

Person at top of pyramid “We are 578!”

The result is history.

By all that you hold dear on this good Playing Field, I bid you elevate, Robots of the East!

Guy in yellow jacket: “Yes! I like what I see! Team 578 would be just perfect as mindless cyborg servants who could help me reach the top shelf in my pantry!”

[NPOE] No offense, guy in the yellow jacket, but that face, especially with the red eye effect, looked like pure evil glee. [/NPOE]

Clarification of Previous Entry:

(Thanks for the help looking for my contact lens, guys!)
Hi Mom!

Team 578 creates engineering masterpieces using its students both on and off the field.

“I volunteer as tribute!”

PA system: “Alright, looks like we have a volunteer for field tear down!”

“Wait, that’s what this was for?! Lower the pyramid, pretend this never happened, quickly!!!”

Terribly sorry about the delay! Moving my business and getting 4901 fired back up for the year is more work than I realized!

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

And the burn award goes to:

Which means the scores are:

Taylor	39
EricH	23
cgmv123	20
DohertyBilly	15
Ichlieberoboter	14
Kevin Leonard	13
GaryVoshol	13
DonRotolo	13
GeeTwo	12
efoote868	12
Wayne Doenges	12
rsisk	12
dodar	10
Jim Wilks	10
orangemoore	8
thatprogrammer	7
Jacob Bendicksen	6
Poseidon1671	5
Al Skierkiewicz	4
MARS_James	3
Vale	2
Nick Lawrence	2
IndySam	2
nickyflash	2
mastachyra	2