CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #584

Once again!

The scores after the last round:

Taylor	57
EricH	52
GeeTwo	30
cgmv123	28
Wayne Doenges	26
GaryVoshol	24
rsisk	23
efoote868	22
MARS_James	21
Kevin Leonard	20
Jim Wilks	20
DonRotolo	20
DohertyBilly	17
Ichlieberoboter	16
dodar	16
thatprogrammer	13
orangemoore	8
Al Skierkiewicz	8
Poseidon1671	7
MaGiC_PiKaChU	7
Jacob Bendicksen	6
Vale	2
Nick Lawrence	2
IndySam	2
nickyflash	2
mastachyra	2
Rman1923	2

And the rules, for you newbies.

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Sunday at midnight Eastern.


Mechanical Rule #1: NEVER leave the programmers alone with the robot.

The reason will become apparent soon enough.

Because cardboard-and-duct-tape collector is best collector.

Is the code done? Is the code done? Is the code done?
Hey programmer! 10 minutes til bag!
Why isn’t the robot moving? Are you compiling yet? What’s that slash slash mean anyway?
Hey programmer! 9 minutes til bag!
What does plus plus mean? Could you like program the lights all cool? Is the code done?
Hey programmer! 8 minutes til bag!

(7 minutes later)
What happens if I unplug the battery when you’re programming the robot? Are we going to have an autonomous? I bet we’ll make all of our shots and win this year.
Hey programmer! 1 minute til bag!
Is it working yet? You had the robot for like 10 minutes, you should be done now. Shut it down, time to bag.

Coach 1: Alright, stop. Tryouts for head programmer are done.

Coach 2: Wow, this guy kept his cool. I want him to be the head programmer! What’s his secret?

Coach 1: He’s deaf.

Robot: Guys, guys, guys!
Kids: Just ignore him.
Robot: GUYS!
Kids: Ugh, what?
Robot: Guess what day it is?
Kids: …

Robot: Hey guys, whachya doin’?
Programmers: Go away, you know your head is to big and your arms are too short!

<NPOE>For context, one of the better scenes from Meet the Robinsons</NPOE>

Team members look onto lead programmers screen, see video game in progrsss, and ask “What’s going on here?”

Lead programmer thinks fast and answers “Just waiting for the compile to complete”

Team members reply “Funny how we do so much compiling and yet make so little progress”?

OK guys, we’ve added a chute. All we need to do is put in some blades in place of the rollers in front, and we’ve got ourselves a leaf shredder.

Uggh! (looks up)

All right, who wants to have the pickup and auto-ranger done before midnight so we can go home? … OK, … OK, … and OK. So it’s unanimous. Robot now, footsie later. (turns to left) And not footsie with me. And aren’t you supposed to be replacing some of the c-clamps with 10-32s? (turns back to computer) Now let me code, already!

Mentor: “Guys, why aren’t you programming?”

Programmer at computer: “Don’t worry, I’m on it.”

Mentor: “Good.” (walks away)

Programmer at computer: “That was a great idea, summoning the ghost of Steve Jobs to program the robot for us so that we could have 40% more fun this season.”

Programmer in orange: “I don’t know… are you sure we won’t have any… unintended consequences? At the very least, being disqualified?”

Programmer at computer: “Of course not! Robot, activate ninja mode and bring me the build captain’s Reese’s peanut butter cup! I want it alive!”

[NPOE]By the way, I give all credit for the 40% more fun reference to team 2823 mentor (now coach) @jwhite.[/NPOE]

Student in orange: “What does this icon do?”
Programmer: “It causes students in orange jackets to ask questions. See how well it worked?”

Team 100 The WildHats where at least one member of each subteam must be wearing a hat at all times

"Well, yes, it used to be our FRC robot. But we’ve reprogrammed it to make Cheetos. Lots of Cheetos.

Now we’re hard at work on a Mountain Dew bot…"

They’re not programming; they’re hacking. The robot is actually a mobile antenna that they’re using to reprogram the school’s lights, since they’re too invested in their work to realize they can get up and walk to the light switch.

“The Rooty Tooty Aim-and-Shooty, now with 25% more cardboard!”

Sorry for the delay! Sales tax and video cutting and transitioning from contractor to employee and FLL wears you out more than you think! (And then Google Drive decided to crap out on me…)

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

And the burn award goes to:

Which means the scores are:

Taylor	59
EricH	54
GeeTwo	32
efoote868	32
cgmv123	31
Wayne Doenges	28
MARS_James	26
GaryVoshol	26
rsisk	25
Jim Wilks	22
DonRotolo	22
Kevin Leonard	20
dodar	18
DohertyBilly	17
Ichlieberoboter	16
thatprogrammer	13
orangemoore	8
Al Skierkiewicz	8
Poseidon1671	7
MaGiC_PiKaChU	7
Jacob Bendicksen	6
Vale	2
Nick Lawrence	2
IndySam	2
nickyflash	2
mastachyra	2
Rman1923	2
白巨人	2