CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #625

Welcome to the thirteenth straight year of the Chief Delphi Unofficial Caption Contest!

After the season-ending contest last week, here are the scores:

You        0

Instead, I give you the rules. (Other rules have been created, but these are the ones that see use.)

Since the format worked well last year, we’ll be maintaining the twos-for-everybody honorable mentions. One particularly good zinger will receive the burn award and three points. Singles will be reserved for blatant copycat entries or the truly incomprehensible.

There have been some updates to the rules over the years:

(“Working” gets a rather liberal interpretation, mind you.)

Since then, the only thing that’s changed is the deadline: **Sunday at midnight Eastern, **though entries posted afterward will count if they’re posted before I open the thread to score it.

Here’s this week’s picture:


You’ve faced off against red shells–and won.
You’ve faced off against blue shells–and won.
We shall see how you do against GREEN SHELLS. Beware the CRyptonite coating, as it has a strong weakening tendency when used against you!

They had to take British Hairways to the regional.

I’d rather knot get all tied up in this thread, but…

As seen from left to right at this year’s mane attraction: Sheerlock Combs, Jack the Clipper and the Godbarber.

This is why drivers have to wear safety glasses when they’re behind thick polycarb.

Ok, we get it, you like to spike your hair… But did you have to use real spikes? - Safety Captain

And this, children, is why you should never play with Kryptonite and hair dye at the same time. Pick one.

There’s always one kid who forgets part of his team uniform.

Here we see the 3 different stages of evolution of Pokemon #624.

Dang it, everyone else on the drive team spiked their hair!
What to do… I need a quick schtick.
Shoot the emcee is coming our way…
Think… quick, think of something to do…
I know… stick my finger in my ear! Yeah that’s it!

We’ll win this by default - it looks like no one else even **tried **to Aim High.

…as does “one day”. :stuck_out_tongue: [/NPOE]

Anyway, my entry:

They figured the Statue of Liberty Play was the way to go, but there was a dreadful misunderstanding.

I guess some team members happened to grab the superglue rather than the shampoo…

If you were wearing a “RADIOACTIVE” shirt and saw the Bomb Squad looking at you, your hair would stand on end too.

Suddenly, interest in getting Rogaine as a sponsor spiked among FIRST teams.

Green alliance!!!

Driver 1: Alright coach, what’s the strategy?
Driver 1: Yes, but for this ma…
Driver 2: Do you want us or an…
Human Player: You too coach!
Coach: :frowning:

Team Kryptonite had so much energy build up, during the matches, they had to install Tesla coils to dissipate their charges.

They need the spikes for protection when they’re maintaining the nuclear reactor that powers their robot.

At last!

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

And the burn award goes to:

Which means the scores are:

DonRotolo	10
dodar	5
GaryVoshol	3
EricH	2
frcguy	2
Gravity	2
IndySam	2
bdaroz	2
smitikshah	2
rsisk	2
GeeTwo	2
JustinCAD	2
Taylor	2
Karibou	2
Hitchhiker 42	2
efoote868	2
Wayne Doenges	2
cgmv123	2