CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #627

And with plenty of time until midnight? Shocking!

The scores after the last round:

DonRotolo	12
EricH	12
dodar	10
GaryVoshol	5
Wayne Doenges	5
frcguy	4
bdaroz	4
smitikshah	4
GeeTwo	4
JustinCAD	4
Taylor	4
efoote868	4
cgmv123	4
Gravity	2
IndySam	2
rsisk	2
Karibou	2
Hitchhiker 42	2
Sperkowsky	2
Bkeeneykid	2
FiMFanatic	2
thatprogrammer	2

The rules, for the newbies.

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Sunday at midnight. I’ll be at IRI this week (imagine that!), and if you’ll be there too feel free to submit your entry in person. :slight_smile:


It’s really hard to see the most impressive matches when your teammate’s hair is in the way. Particularly when the tech crew is filming you instead of the robots.

It’s nice the team has a pep band… but seriously, if they don’t learn to play something other than Mr. Roboto

Hey look, someone dropped a lure over there!

“So when I mention mecanum wheels it’s stupid, but when the cheesy poofs do it it’s amazing!?”

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When their pocket protectors unite, they are DSK. GO DSK!

A rare sighting of Slash, Sly from the Family Stone, Meatloaf, Davy Crokett, David Byrne, and Joan Jett

Why is Lars the drummer looking the wrong way, a half beat behind?

[npoe]I expect my rights on CD to be revoked at any time. Worse than a negative infinity from Billfred.[/npoe]

:smiley: Hah! Got them ALL to look! <click> (sigh) Now if we can just teach Lars right and left. :rolleyes:

[not-entry]OBTW, the drummer is on time by definition; everyone else must be a half beat or so ahead. :stuck_out_tongue: [/not-entry]

Up in the sky!
Is it a bird?
Is it a plane?
No, it’s Billfredman! (look out!)



Due to various incidents, the Safety Dance has replace the national anthem of the host country as the required opening for FIRST events.

And on that night, their debut album was released: Rock & Roll is always FIRST!
Tracklist includes:

  • Old Time Rack n’ Roll
  • Stairway to the GDC
  • Back in Blue (or Red)
  • Smoke on the Robot
    …among many others!

From Davy Crockett in the back left:

“Hey guys - wasn’t this supposed to be a 19th century dress up party”?

Hey look! A stray boulder!

Guy on Right: “Oh look, a dead bird.”
Group: “Where?”

Is this a game hint?
Could the 2017 season have something to do with Guitar Hero…?

[not-an-entry!]If it had been posted 7 months earlier it would have been an excellent game hint for the 2007 game. (Reason left as exercise for the reader.)[/not-an-entry!]

entire group looks and misses elims

Kara decided to stretch the definition of “in person” by texting Carolyn her entry to give to me after the DSK concert Friday night:

At last!

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

And the burn award goes to…

Which means the scores are:

DonRotolo	14
EricH	14
GeeTwo	14
dodar	12
JustinCAD	9
GaryVoshol	7
Wayne Doenges	7
cgmv123	7
bdaroz	6
smitikshah	6
efoote868	6
frcguy	4
rsisk	4
Taylor	4
Karibou	4
Bkeeneykid	4
FiMFanatic	4
thatprogrammer	4
Gravity	2
IndySam	2
Hitchhiker 42	2
Sperkowsky	2
Dibit1010	2