CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #633

At long last!

The scores after the last round:

GeeTwo	32
GaryVoshol	28
EricH	27
Wayne Doenges	25
cgmv123	25
bdaroz	20
DonRotolo	19
efoote868	19
dodar	18
rsisk	16
JoshWilson	12
frcguy	12
JustinCAD	11
Sperkowsky	11
smitikshah	10
Golfer4646	9
Hitchhiker 42	8
Karibou	6
Bkeeneykid	6
FiMFanatic	6
Taylor	4
thatprogrammer	4
Dibit1010	4
EmileH	4
Gravity	2
IndySam	2
euhlmann	2
Daniel Vijay	2
Poseidon5817	2
stannenbaum7	2

The rules, for the newbies.

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Sunday at midnight Eastern.


Well… They found one way to break the game…
Hoping that the same method doesn’t also break the bank! ::ouch::

As a bonus feature, our robot can auto-aim towards the tower in the middle of the rough terrain!

And that class is how you strip gears. Any questions?

The one time that robot stays on its wheels it breaks stuff…

This is when FRC makes you crazy enough to believe breaking things is progress!

Blair has his Top Ten lists, but I’m cheap, so you’ll have to settle for a Bottom 5.
5) The field broke.
4) The robot is stuck on a really easy defense, and it’s a treaded robot.
3) At least one of the students is NOT wearing safety glasses (or even forehead protectors).
2) They’re happy about the robot getting stuck on the broken field.
And the number one thing wrong with this picture is…

  1. Nobody’s giving the dude on the right a yellow card for being in the moat! Practice, people, practice!

Little did the mentor realize, as the camera took this picture the student was leaning in to line up the shot, leading to this unfortunate safety lapse:

Remember kids, it’s all fun and games until someone loses their head…

Hah! The football team just breaks through a paper barrier! We’re already up to plywood, working on steel!

Taking a picture with that drunk friend after they fell over.

Hey Kool Aid!


And that’s how they named the robot Mr. Kool Aid.

A young Billfred introducing a very young Joe Matt, and his lounge chair.

The students on the robotics team did not understand that the manual did not mean to literally damage the defenses and capture the tower. They do say that engineering students tend to be quite weak at understanding the subtleties of language.

Wait until they try the cloth on the low bar.

That’s what they get for taking the cheap way out and not spending the several thousand dollars required to build an official field.

Ayyy, we didn’t tip let’s go score that high, oh wait…

Ouch, man, just ripping us apart.:yikes: Just want to point a couple things out:

  1. There’s a reason why we call our previous driver Wreck-It Ryan.
  2. When testing on the wood, different story. Anything can happen.
  3. Bad part on us.
  4. and they’re not necessarily happy. This is that time when you’ve been trying something over and over again and you just laugh at how bad its getting!

Guy on right: “Here at honest Bob’s Bot Body shop we can fix and robot. Here’s another happy customer.”
Guy on left: “They fixed my robot to look like new. I give them two thumbs up.”

And it’s still Monday!

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

And the burn award goes to:

Which means the scores are:

GeeTwo	42
GaryVoshol	30
EricH	30
Wayne Doenges	27
cgmv123	27
bdaroz	25
DonRotolo	21
efoote868	21
dodar	20
rsisk	16
frcguy	14
JustinCAD	13
Sperkowsky	13
JoshWilson	12
Golfer4646	11
smitikshah	10
Hitchhiker 42	10
Karibou	6
Bkeeneykid	6
FiMFanatic	6
thatprogrammer	6
Taylor	4
Dibit1010	4
EmileH	4
Gravity	2
IndySam	2
euhlmann	2
Daniel Vijay	2
Poseidon5817	2
stannenbaum7	2
niklas674	2
edesirim	2