CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #65

In other words, it’s the Huskie Brigadeth caption contest.

Here’s the scores:

Gary Dillard	36
Nehalita	34
EddieMcD	33
MissInformation	32
Dlavery	28
Jay Trzaskos	27
Rich Wong	27
Amanda Morrison	26
Jay H 237	26
KathieK	23
EricH	23
Arefin Bari	21
“Big Mike”	20
EricS-Team180	20
Al Skierkiewicz	18
Dorienne 007	18
T. Hoffman	16
Bcahn836	16
Icurtis	15
1derboy	13
Koko Ed	12
Kyle45	12
Xzvrw2	12
JosephM	10
DCA Fan	10
Andy Baker	9
Ashley Christine	9
Alex Cormier	8
Pat McCarthy	7
DanielBCR	7
Dave Scheck	7
Kjhobin	7
Mechanicalbrain	7
Brandy836	6
Miketwalker	6
Squirrelrock	6
Conor Ryan	6
Wayne Doenges	5
Goober!!!	5
KarenH	4
Kevin Kolodziej	4
RoboMom	4
Cyberguy34000	4
Greencactus3	4
Tiffany34990	4
Spears312	4
Rich Kressly	3
Richardp	3
Ryan Foley	3
Adam Richards	2
Andrew Rudolph	2
Elgin Clock	2
Jessica Boucher	2
Kyle	2
Meredith343MiM	2
Ogre	2
Denman	2
Greg Needel	2
Liz C	2
Sciguy125	2
Wetzel	2
Billfred	1.293
anna~marie	1
Barry Bonzack	1
Ben Lauer	1
Bill_Hancoc	1
Budda648	1
Eugenia Gabrielov	1
First degree	1
John Wanninger	1
KyleGilbert45	1
Lisa Perez	1
Matt Attallah	1
Termite233	1
Tytus Gerrish	1
Wilshire	1

And here’s the picture:

As always, the deadline is midnight Saturday.


lady in backround

“…and i’ll tell you another thing mister, that robot is in the loading zone, don’t get me started again…”

Sadly after this photo was taken team 340’s erector set arm design came to a tragic halt.

Lady in backround- “When I was your age, pvc and aluminum wasn’t invented yet and we built our robots out of wood and twine”

lady: I told you to build the field out of METAL not wood you moron!

[guy in yellow shirt] “What do you mean you want me to put on a hat?!”

[woman pointing at his head] “I’m having trouble seeing with the glare from the lights!”


Man: Lady…one, I don’t know you; two, I didn’t do that. The tetra is supposed to be picked up by the robot. It’s not accidental.

Lady: Oh. Well, carry on then good man.

Man: Whatever.

Lady in the Background: See what you did? The glare from your head kept that robot from grabbing a vision tetra!

Man: You want to take this outside? Because I can go right now.

Teacher Lady in the Background: “Young man, didn’t I warn you back in 3rd grade that if you didn’t start paying attention in class, you’d never get very far in life? Look at you! All grown up and still playing with toys!”

Lady in background: Back in my day, we didn’t have robots to move our tetras around. We had to carry them into the city ourselves. The cold snow froze our feet while the sun hot baked our heads. We were too poor to buy shoes and hats. And we had to go uphill, both ways.

Team 340, misinterpreting the rules, invented the Tetra-pult. Using it’s vision system it can throw a tetra onto any pointed object. Tragically a woman was injured when she inadvertently raised her index finger to point at something.

Man in dark sweatshirt: Come on you guys, that’s not in the loading zone!

::Robot closes in on loader::

Woman in background: Now what did I tell you about contact??? You go take twenty laps around the field right now!

::Robot dies::

Man in dark sweatshirt: All right, who pulled the plug?

man in yellow " well there goes our transmission again"

women holding up finger " i told you we should have followed Joe’s nothing but DeWalts, instead of trying to do things our own way"

<not an entry: i know everyone in this picture but chose not to use their names to protect the inocent :smiley: >

Soon after this photograph was taken the drivers, for old time sake, tried to see if they could get the robot up the six inch steps. Luckily, only one person was injured. The moral of the story, never point at people when you are talking to them, and always wear your safety glasses. :wink:

I **TOLD ** you it was a good idea to split up the students from the engineers and let each group design and build a robot. Now if the engineers can finish theirs in the 3 weeks left before the ship date, we’ll let them battle it out; otherwise, we go with this one from the students.

sung by lady, as she crosses her legs back and forth every two beats:

“One singular sensation, every little step she takes
One thrilling combination, every move that she makes”


“I told you this game wasn’t a crowd pleaser! Where’s the lights, where’s the pizazz, where’s the glitter? Why am I even talking to you?”

Team 340: seee… only ours can go to the loading zone and pick up a tetra at this point (4 weeks of build), wooooo.

Team 71: No you are not. Wait a minute, ya you are…

<not an entry> keep in mind team 71 only got tetras from the Human player. Also keep in mind, there were teams who were doing what team 340 was doing by the 4 weeks of build season </not an entry>

Lady: For the last time, the phrase “Dave says that’s Pimp” cannot be used without expressive permission from Dave.

white paper in the background:
things to do:

  1. design a gripper
  2. build a gripper
  3. take a picture of our robot so it can be used in the caption contest
  4. take over the world
  5. get some slurpies