CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #676

It’s the last contest before the annual score reset!

The scores after the last round:

DonRotolo	181
EricH	169
efoote868	167
GeeTwo	164
GaryVoshol	149
cgmv123	139
bdaroz	129
Wayne Doenges	116
Hitchhiker 42	98
Bkeeneykid	70
Pooja Anil	56
ctt956	55
frcguy	50
mastachyra	43
dodar	40
AustinShalit	33
Cothron Theiss	29
Nessie	29
rsisk	26
JustinCAD	24
logank013	24
Ichlieberoboter	20
carpedav000	19
Sperkowsky	19
thatprogrammer	17
Golfer4646	17
niklas674	16
Hess1113	16
FiMFanatic	15
JoshWilson	12
ollien	12
petercooperjr	12
smitikshah	10
Zealii	10
gcgeobuff	10
snoman	10
Karibou	9
Gravity	8
EmileH	8
WinterPoet	7
ClayTownR	7
Ringo5tarr	6
Taylor	4
Dibit1010	4
euhlmann	4
Poseidon5817	4
Al Skierkiewicz	4
Richard Wallace	3
AllenGregoryIV	3
IndySam	2
Daniel Vijay	2
stannenbaum7	2
edesirim	2
RyanN	2
Sparky Jell-0	2
WesleyK	2
Eryl2000	2
Corn_Fed_Stats	2
Joey Jordan	2
Torvando	2
maxnz	2
kelef	2
OwenDotCode	2
Travis Hoffman	2
kevinkohls	2

And as is tradition for the last one of the year, this week it’s a video:

As always, the deadline is nominally Sunday at midnight Eastern.


The inspiration for Stronghold, and ultimately for the Triple Tortuga Contest.

ResQ, ResQ, ResQ.

ResQ, ResQ, ResQ.

ResQ, ResQ, NEED RESQ!!!


Today on this episode of 701tv: 701 takes on FTC

118 decided to dabble in FTC on the side, this time with no rope.

“But it works when we’re Red!”

Today the kids learned that parallel parking is hard.

Robot: “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.”
After fall: “Nope, I was wrong.”

Ahh yes, the classic: “Dump the banana peel, do the shimmy, hit the button and do a backflip.” maneuver.
I give it a 5/7 on choice of move.
But a 10/10 on execution!

“If we only had a rope to help us climb…”

The reason this video was stopped as the end was to violent for robots to see.

Coach wasn’t the only one who flipped out during autonomous…

For once FIRST has created a game where the title applies to what happens to the robot. I wonder if the point is to ResQ the robot!

They tried to slow it down, but ended up speeding it up so much that it did two backflips.

Programmers: It worked first try!

Everyone else: Did you mean to do that?

They may have failed at autonomously playing FIRST ResQ, but they succeeded at making a robot capable of predicting its future state – It pressed the Life Alert nearly 10 seconds before it actually fell!

I had no idea 1024 has an FTC team!

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Just wanted to post a quick shoutout and thank William for running the contest again this year!

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Senator Leverette may not have as much time this year as in the past, now that he’ll have to spend so much time in Washington. What an amazing election!

…Who is William?


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Billfred? Are you still there?

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