CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #697

Feels good to be home!

The scores after the last round are pending for me not to have to do this at a library on a public computer.

The rules, for the newbies.

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Sunday at midnight Eastern.


Some say Woodie is still standing there to this day, waiting for his hug.

Did Dean have to pass YPP? (I’m sure he asked permission before the hug.)

“As happy as he was for the young student, Woodie wished he had performed better in his interview. Perhaps next year he would receive the award.”

Woodie: Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

The day the FIRST Fashion Police threw in the towel.

Here we see some of the iconic uniforms of FIRST. Dean’s denim. Woodie’s autographed jacket. Rolling Thunder’s red camo pants (apparently not doing their job right). Wait, where’d marshall go, he was here a minute ago?

Woodie : “When is it my turn to get a hug Dean? I never get hugs…”

The day Dean found someone shorter the him

Dean: “Since you win the prize, you get to ask any question you want from me.”
Student: “Why do you only wear denim?”
Woodie: smirking
Dean: “Oh Child!” hugs

Woodie wondering if he could get some forehead protectors like that which might help reduce the glare off of his head.

Woodie is amused that even Dean had to bend over for that hug…

Everyone’s wondering which of them will be the first to invent a robot to give hugs.

Fortunately for Dean, his Segway was not allowed on the field due to its lack of bumpers.

“Thank you so very much Dean. Being on your list means the world to me!”

Internal dialogue: HE’S TOUCHING ME! HE’S TOUCHING ME!

At last!

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

And the burn award goes to:

Which means the scores are:

cgmv123	76
petercooperjr	74
ctt956	68
EricH	65
GeeTwo	58
carpedav000	52
Wayne Doenges	52
DonRotolo	47
efoote868	46
GaryVoshol	45
bdaroz	42
Nessie	41
Leap	40
marcusbernstein	25
Pooja Anil	24
Hitchhiker 42	22
Bkeeneykid	18
logank013	18
dodar	14
niklas674	14
Thayer McCollum	13
RoboDesigners	12
Hess1113	10
IndySam	8
asid61	8
Cyberphil	8
WillNess	7
frcguy	6
Al Skierkiewicz	6
Jon Stratis	4
SassyJapan	4
Charlie.bishop	4
bobbysq	4
snoman	3
rsisk	2
Taylor	2
Golfer4646	2
gcgeobuff	2
Cothron Theiss	2
ollien	2
AustinShalit	2
OwenDotCode	2
Levi Madden	2
fargus111111111	2
Brian M	2
bbensel	2
Tom Ore	2
tjf	2
OMGRobots1	2
MattR501	2
holygrail	2
KaranY	2