CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #7

Woohoo! Another Sunday, another caption contest…and another chance for everyone to try and get their best zinger in on Thursday morning. The scores?

Jeff Wagelin: 19
Michelle 236: 18
MissInformation: 17
greencactus3: 15
Lil’ Lavery: 11
Brandon Martus: 11
Gary Dillard: 10
Greg Needel: 8
EddieMcD: 8
“Big Mike”: 7
dlavery: 7
Astronouth7303: 5
Elgin Clock: 5
Mike Ciance: 5
Shyra1353: 5
Andy Baker: 4
Corey Balint: 4
George1083: 4
Ken Patton: 4
Tom Schindler: 4
Vivelation: 4
ZACH P.: 4
Aignam: 3
Andrew Rudolph: 3
Dorienne Plait: 2
Jay H 237: 2
Joe Ross: 2
Meli W: 2
Aaron Lussier: 1
Ben Lauer: 1
Coco The Monkey: 1
Collin Fultz: 1

And now, for the picture…

(puts on asbestos underwear, because this is gonna be hot)

And, as now is always, the deadline is Wednesday at midnight. Go!

Gee i wonder what the shipping charge is?

Last year our crate came back all smashed… hmm… maybe a little bubble wrap? nah just ship it.

sings Cellophaaane Mr. Cellophannne shoulda’ been my name, Mr. Cellophaaane…

The Amanda Morrison collection of fashionable shipping accessories soon to be available at a FedEx near you.

As part of their marginally-successful attempt at fund raising, Team 1020 readies the very first shipment of their new “Rent-A-Mentor” program…


“What did she do?”
“Fry their other CIM”

First rejected by team 1020, then by team 1002 (according to Dave :p), Amanda Morrison is declared a ‘dud’ and is prepared for long-term storage in Canada’s Wonderland.

“Amanda Morrison now in a Freshlock Seal bag to prevent freezer burn”

“That’s a wrap! Now, off to regionals!”

She may look sad now…but she loves it when they unravel her!!!

That’s what you get for charging people to hug you :wink:

“you know, I bet that if we grab the end of the wrapping and run real, real fast, we can make Amanda spin herself right into the ground… (or until she pukes, whichever comes first)”


(just for Amanda, I had to submit two)

some body will be very happy this christmas :smiley:

It’s better to give than to receive. Especially in this case.

“Now let’s put her in the dunk tank and see if she can swim!” “Yeah!”

“This year’s hot fashion, straight from Milan: the demure, sad look of SHRINK WRAP!”

oooooh aaaaaah


Members of team 1020 celebrate after completing their trade of Amanda Morrison and 2 Fisher Price Gearboxes for Al Skierkiewicz and a 2005 battery.

The staff of Chief Deli proudly presents its new sandwich made especially for cannibals…


Coming soon to an insane asylum near you: see-through straight jackets!