CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #708

Hats off to anyone still awake at this hour!

The scores after the last round:

EricH	108
petercooperjr	102
cgmv123	102
ctt956	101
efoote868	100
GeeTwo	81
Wayne Doenges	74
Leap	70
DonRotolo	69
GaryVoshol	68
bdaroz	62
carpedav000	56
Pooja Anil	45
Nessie	41
Cyberphil	36
Hitchhiker 42	31
marcusbernstein	27
Bkeeneykid	20
logank013	18
dodar	14
niklas674	14
Thayer McCollum	13
RoboDesigners	12
IndySam	12
KaranY	12
Hess1113	10
asid61	8
WillNess	7
frcguy	6
Al Skierkiewicz	6
bobbysq	6
rsisk	4
gcgeobuff	4
Jon Stratis	4
SassyJapan	4
Charlie.bishop	4
tjf	4
snoman	3
Taylor	2
Golfer4646	2
mastachyra	2
Cothron Theiss	2
ollien	2
AustinShalit	2
Joey Jordan	2
OwenDotCode	2
Levi Madden	2
fargus111111111	2
Brian M	2
bbensel	2
Tom Ore	2
OMGRobots1	2
MattR501	2
holygrail	2
D_Price	2
A Dozen Question Marks	2

The rules, for the newbies.

And the picture:

As always the deadline is nominally Sunday at midnight Eastern.


[NPOE] East-coaster. Us folks on the West Coast are still up, it’s only 9:30.:p[/NPOE]

708 took “Damaging” the Defenses a little too literally, and designed a battering ram. This is why most castles have two gates in the same entrance…

We gave up on controlling the rouge member on our alliance…so we decided a cage was suitable for this math

The Sally Port took the term “None Shall Pass” literally

Pro: We damaged the defense.
Con: The defense broke.
Pro: Visibility on the field has improved 100%.
Con: Mobility on the field is now at 0%.
Pro: We ended up winning the match.
Con: The match will be replayed due to a field fault.

Field fault, anyone?

That’s one way to open the portcullis.

Back to the drawing board. Which home improvement store can we hit up next to find a new defenses pin?

“Field Staff doesn’t often get in the way of a team’s identity, but Team 708’s 2016 brand, ‘Batters Robotics,’ was crossing a line.”


When you find the best camouflage to hide until the last 30 seconds of the match.

The match was only stopped after the head ref tried to assign a pinning penalty on the portcullis.

They told the scouters that it was strategic defense.

This was the year 708 went from the Hatters to the Mad Hatters.

708: Now stand aside, worthy adversary!
Portcullis: 'Tis but a scratch!
708: A scratch? You fell over!
Portcullis: No, I didn’t.
708: What’s that, then?
Portcullis: I’ve had worse.
708: You liar!
Portcullis: Come on, get past me now! It’s just a flesh wound!

Alternatively: “This water game is fun, especially on our team year.” - 2016

Psst, the moat is on the other side.

The tech specs said the portcullis should come down after a robot passes through it. We’ll need to revise that…

A young Darth Vader (mask off) uses The Force during competition.

It worked the first time…

I think the Whomp is defective…