CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #726

Trust me, you really didn’t want me to post this last night.

The scores after the last round:

petercooperjr	174
EricH	174
efoote868	155
ctt956	146
Leap	143
cgmv123	140
GeeTwo	132
Wayne Doenges	125
GaryVoshol	111
bdaroz	99
DonRotolo	96
carpedav000	74
Pooja Anil	57
Cyberphil	53
Maggie Heaney	42
Nessie	41
Hitchhiker 42	31
marcusbernstein	27
Bkeeneykid	25
KaranY	20
Osby	20
logank013	18
A Dozen Question Marks	16
dodar	14
niklas674	14
Thayer McCollum	13
RoboDesigners	12
Darre_Bonfire	12
IndySam	12
Hess1113	10
asid61	8
bobbysq	8
WillNess	7
frcguy	6
Al Skierkiewicz	6
D_Price	6
ljensen	6
rsisk	4
gcgeobuff	4
ClayTownR	4
Jon Stratis	4
SassyJapan	4
Charlie.bishop	4
tjf	4
ellieheaney21	4
Barngirl425	4
snoman	3
Jay H 237	3
ijensen	3
Taylor	2
Golfer4646	2
mastachyra	2
Cothron Theiss	2
ollien	2
AustinShalit	2
Joey Jordan	2
OwenDotCode	2
Levi Madden	2
fargus111111111	2
Brian M	2
bbensel	2
Tom Ore	2
OMGRobots1	2
MattR501	2
holygrail	2
Big-b	2
debbiemusselman	2
arichman1257	2
rtomp	2
Leon Bass	2

The rules, for the newbies.

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Sunday at midnight Eastern.


An FRC used-motor salesman displays his inventory:

“The red means it’s high-performance, can’t have you using just standard-performance motors now can we?”

Welcome to my showcase of camping equipment! On the left we have my firestarters and on the right you have my deluxe firestarters. They’re really portable on their own, but they need a big battery to really get going.

“I am fire. I am Death.” -samthesnake, 2018.

There’s something called experiential learning. This team has lots of experience, but not a lot of learning.

We can’t have a 45-motor drivetrain? Why not?

Not a single Nidec burnt up showing their superiority.

When a motor dies, The color of the marking tape shows the circumstances.

Red: Died during Build Season
Blue: Died during Match Play
Pink: Died doing the thing it was designed to do.

We told the drive team there was no way they could burn up a 775 or a CIM motor.
They took the challenge real seriously.

Another successful outing for the Magic White Smoke Freedom Squad.

These motors were caught vaping in the bathroom

I don’t always collect motors, but when I do they’re old and unstable.

Pollice sursum - ergo en altum fumo
Gesture (thumb) up - let the smoke rise


Hey, it takes Billfred enough time already to judge the contest. :wink:
Now you want him to have to learn Latin or look in Google Translate? :cool:

(Yes, I see your barely hidden translation)


“I put tape on all the motors, boss!”
All the motors? It was just supposed to be the one we burned last weekend.”

Finding the one working motor in this set is the ultimate test for that one blind mentor who can tell if a motor is working just by holding it.

“I’m going to tell you how I restored all of these motors myself for minimal cost using parts and materials I had lying around. Be sure to watch the entire video, because I’m not sure how long I can leave it up. By the end of video, you’ll be able to restore brushed and brushless AC and DC motors of all types found in appliances, electronics, automobiles, power tools, computers, printers, ceiling fans, and anything else with something that spins driven by an electric motor.”

[3 hours of pretty-much-the-above-statement-being-repeated-just-only-slightly-rephrased later]

"To begin restoration of a motor, you must first find the cause of failure. Since most motors are equipped with normal lotus-o-deltoid type windings, the most common issue is side fumbling caused by a broken hydrocoptic marzlevane. The second most common point of failure is the non-reversible tremmie pipes…

Pictured: The first 48 iterations of AndyMark’s Redline motor.

What do you mean you put red tape on a good motor?!

Hey kid, dontcha know smoking’s bad for you?

[NPOE]The horror…[/NPOE]