CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #729

Welcome to the FIFTEENTH straight year of the Chief Delphi Unofficial Caption Contest! (I thought I was doing this too long last year…)

After the season-ending contest last week, here are the scores:

You        0

Instead, I give you the rules. (Other rules have been created, but these are the ones that see use.)

Normally, every entry gets an honorable mention worth two points because the old half-get-two-half-get-one format was a lot of work for basically zero difference. One particularly good zinger will receive the burn award and three points. Singles will be reserved for blatant copycat entries, things that cross “burn” into “okay chill dude”, or the truly incomprehensible. And don’t make me award a zero. (I think that’s happened once in 13 full years.)

There have been some updates to the rules over the years:

(“Working” gets a rather liberal interpretation, mind you.)

Since then, the only thing that’s changed is the deadline: **Sunday at midnight Eastern, **though entries posted afterward will count if they’re posted before I open the thread to score it.

Here’s this week’s picture:


Robot: OK, guys, knock. it. off. If I hear “THIS! IS! SPARTA!” just one more time, you guys are going to GET IT!
Programmers: code change
Robot: “THIS! IS! SPARTA!”

We’ve all seen the titanium eyes, who can forget the classic HUGE eyes but know for the first time on the silver screen, the world will be captivated by… Spartaeyes. Coming to a theater near you

“I didn’t think robots needed to use the bathroom, but I guess the blood, sweat, and tears I put into the bot had to go somewhere.”

/end submission

But for real, it just me or does the 3512 pit look like a urinal the way those guys are standing?

Bennett thinking: What was that they told me I had to fix before the next match?

Hmmm, how far do we have to take the robot apart to get it INSIDE the mailbox?

… I think it’s looking at me…

The age-old tactic of scaring the judges into giving you an award.

The robot is starring into my soul

“Hey! My eyes are up here, buddy!”

3512’s pit crew determining the best course of action after failing inspection due to a lack of consummate V’s…

Make no mistake that bird head is real, it’s like those Transformers movies! Now if only they could find the remote to it…

Um, why is your robot drooling…? :ahh:

The Jaws of Life are getting very nervous.

[NAE]Nuuh, Num… Nuuh, Num… Nuuh, Num Nuuh, Num Nuh Num Nuh Num Num Num Num Num Num Num Num![/NAE]

hears Cotton Eye Joe


That’s a tough one… a pita pocket? Pita is only slightly leavened, so I guess that’s bread. And the filling could be anything really, in any orientation. You know what, I’ll just come right out and say it. A poptart is a sandwich. Radical Sandwich Anarchy for me!

Thinking/panicking: “Duct tape or zip ties!? Duct tape or zip ties!? oh what to do, what to do! Screw it! I’ll use both! A battery cant break through duct tape and zip ties, right? I mean, ***what could go wrong?***”

And now, we judge!

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

And the burn(inate) award goes to…

Which means the scores are:

Cyberphil	10
Leap	5
ctt956	3
DonRotolo	2
GaryVoshol	2
EricH	2
bdaroz	2
GeeTwo	2
efoote868	2
Wayne Doenges	2
cgmv123	2
niklas674	2
ClayTownR	2
ljensen	2
Darre_Bonfire	2
DohertyBilly	2