CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #747

Yeah, we’re gonna be really fly now!

The scores after the last round:

efoote868	67
Cyberphil	67
EricH	57
GaryVoshol	56
Tomithy	53
Leap	51
cgmv123	50
ctt956	48
GeeTwo	44
ClayTownR	42
bdaroz	37
Wayne Doenges	36
DonRotolo	27
carpedav000	21
Al Skierkiewicz	13
Sanket Nayak	12
Andrew_L	10
npatony	7
ljensen	6
jaredhk	6
tanman172000	4
SaltisVonWaltis	4
niklas674	2
Big-b	2
Darre_Bonfire	2
DohertyBilly	2
ThatSoftwareGuy	2
gixxy	2

The rules, for the newbies.

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Sunday at midnight Eastern. You even get an extra hour with the time change!


Source photo for the song: Head, Shoulders, knees are soiled, knees are soiled.

Dismayed at the FIRST GDC’s continuing failure to make a flying game, Ian takes matters into his own hands.

… and this was made illegal in Team Update 1.

The FRC Safety Theater Police were so engrossed in the lack of safety glasses that they failed to notice something even more critical: Ian is standing in the Plane of Death.

Thankfully, there was also no pilot to yell “CONTACT!!!” (which, back in those days, had better reactions than “ROBOT!” at an FRC event) and then start the engine.

The Future of FRC: By the time Team 34094 competes, Bumpers will no longer be required. You’ll have to paint your number on the side of your Robot.

First “Take flight”
brought to you by boeing

The propeller was deemed a traction device for not being perpendicular to the ground.

Unnoticed by the inspectors, the students of FRC team 34094 turned on their airplane during weigh in so the lift forces on the plane would make the scale read less than 120lbs.

They passed weigh in and then passed the next part of inspection with the low CAWst of $200 (+interest).

They would have been able to play, but they couldn’t figure out how to get the plane in the building. Due to this problem, New Hampshire decided to automatically qualify them for Einstein Finals because they could just fly into Minute Maid Park.

I can fly you to the next town over, but it won’t be fast, comfortable or safe.

Ian forgot this picture existed until now, which shows him standing in front of a brand new Curtiss Jenny. He has been lying about his age for awhile…

Team 34094’s eccentric mentor had a great idea to reduce travel costs to champs.

What’s [strike]black and[/strike] white and red all over?

Ian standing too close.

(Hey, it’s Halloween…)

Just one of many discarded first year prototypes for FRC. They couldn’t get it into the basement playing field at HQ.

“Where do you think these events are going to take place? A hangar? It’s a space game anyway. That robot won’t fly. Literally.”

“Just when you thought ‘white gloves’ was a bold concept…”

The inspiration for rookie 2753 in 2009.

*Hard to tell, but they were one of the first teams to put a fan on the back of their robot to help with acceleration and deceleration on the regolith field.

Let’s go!

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

And the burn award goes to:

Which means the scores are:

efoote868	69
Cyberphil	69
Tomithy	63
EricH	62
GaryVoshol	58
Leap	54
cgmv123	52
ctt956	50
GeeTwo	46
ClayTownR	44
bdaroz	39
Wayne Doenges	38
DonRotolo	29
carpedav000	21
Al Skierkiewicz	15
Sanket Nayak	12
Andrew_L	10
npatony	9
ljensen	6
jaredhk	6
SaltisVonWaltis	6
tanman172000	4
niklas674	2
Big-b	2
Darre_Bonfire	2
DohertyBilly	2
ThatSoftwareGuy	2
gixxy	2
Zagar	2