CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #750

…have we really blown through this many so quickly?

The scores after the last round:

Tomithy	78
Cyberphil	76
efoote868	74
Leap	67
EricH	66
GaryVoshol	62
cgmv123	56
ctt956	54
GeeTwo	50
ClayTownR	44
bdaroz	43
Wayne Doenges	42
DonRotolo	39
carpedav000	21
Al Skierkiewicz	17
Andrew_L	13
Sanket Nayak	12
npatony	11
SaltisVonWaltis	8
ljensen	6
jaredhk	6
tanman172000	4
niklas674	2
Big-b	2
Darre_Bonfire	2
DohertyBilly	2
ThatSoftwareGuy	2
gixxy	2
Zagar	2
PeterR	2

The rules, for the newbies.

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Sunday at midnight Eastern.


The force is strong with this one, yet the robot he cannot lift?

That sure doesn’t look like rope to me! I wonder if we can get a ruling from the head referee.

Wait, this isn’t Dagoba…

Dean Kamen, struggling to answer the search bar question in CD that asks “what is Dean Kamen’s last name?”

[npoe] I actually did struggle with that search bar question the first time using CD and ended up asking my teammates at the meeting that question, and then I finally realized how easy it was…
Also, the team in the picture is team 3042, the Cobalt Catalysts. Cobalt is the 27th element. #27everything

Man, is it noon yet? a beer sounds good right now…

Who says that gears fall off the spring? It looks stiff to me.

Dean: “I’ll give them an ‘A’ for effort, but they didn’t stick the landing.”

The young robot is under incredible pressure to woo it’s mate.

Dean: “We really should’a made them use our ropes.”

Backflips for Dean.

I think I am beginning to understand why Al begged “No more ropes Dean, Please!!!”

You’d think Dean learned his lesson back in 2010 but here he goes field-squatting again.

Somehow, Dean’s cameos in FRC videos never create the buzz that Stan’s did in MCU.

Dean making sure that the Velcro is applied to the robot’s winch and not on the bumpers.


Open on 3042 attempting a climb

Clumsy Pilot: [Drops safety glasses]
Dean: [Looks into camera]

Cue Audience Laughter

Coming last spring, the new(ish) steampunk aviator look, complete with the stunning dark Jean jacket (with faux fur lapel), slicked back grizzled hair, and the intense look of both determination and satisfaction!

All of this can be yours today for one easy payment of 1500 fuel!

Brought to you by the fabulous designers at DEKA™ who need the fuel to keep their engineers working.

You’d think fuel would hurt more than a soccer ball.

Deen is upset that he could be eating a nice meal or sleeping in, but instead, he is hanging out with a bunch of nerdy high schoolers, and robots that they pray won’t get broken, though at some point they know it will.

Alright, let’s do the thing!

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

And the burn award goes to:

Which means the scores are:

Tomithy	80
Cyberphil	78
efoote868	76
Leap	72
EricH	68
GaryVoshol	64
cgmv123	58
ctt956	56
GeeTwo	52
bdaroz	45
ClayTownR	44
Wayne Doenges	44
DonRotolo	41
carpedav000	24
Al Skierkiewicz	19
SaltisVonWaltis	18
Andrew_L	13
npatony	13
Sanket Nayak	12
ljensen	6
jaredhk	6
tanman172000	4
PeterR	4
niklas674	2
snoman	2
Big-b	2
Darre_Bonfire	2
DohertyBilly	2
ThatSoftwareGuy	2
gixxy	2
Zagar	2