CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #752

Effective FIRST Strategies - Chapter 12: Don’t use your annoying kids for pit scouting

Make them detangle batteries.

A vexing problem: How do you know which battery is recharged?

All these batteries! So powerful they rotated the picture.

(John Travolta on his knees) it’s electrifying

Karthik charging the batteries for his jump assist boots before his next MC gig.

I mean… we don’t anything about the 2019 rules, so we need to prepare for the case where having 200 batteries is legal. “Be prepared,” right?

FIRST reveals what was powering the DOGMA system all along…

“This station is now the ultimate power in the universe! I suggest we use it.”

We charge the batteries on this steel wall here. When they’re fully charged, current falls off – and so do they. Hey, looks like Karthik drew battery-catching duty today!

Karthik spent all of his robot units on chargers and batteries

Karthik in beast mode - how many people can he get to turn their heads sideways to look at the picture?

Only two teams came to VEX practice, but Karthik came prepared.

Replacement entry

Me trying to make sure my computer is charged so I don’t miss the Andymark product reveal.

He needs time to run a full battery of tests.

Heh! They’re all just empty boxes…

[NPOE]: Man, those earthquakes are getting stronger…[/NPOE]

These batteries are not being charged – they’re actually powering the event.

Obviously Karthik doesn’t have his electrical mentors hat on. I think there is one plug left open in the power strip in the far back.

“The source of how Karthik keeps his personality electrifying and his commentary charged.”

I promise I haven’t forgotten about you. :slight_smile:

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

And the burn award goes to:

Which means the scores are:

Tomithy	85
Cyberphil	82
efoote868	81
Leap	76
EricH	72
GaryVoshol	68
cgmv123	62
ctt956	60
GeeTwo	56
bdaroz	49
DonRotolo	48
Wayne Doenges	48
ClayTownR	46
carpedav000	26
SaltisVonWaltis	22
Al Skierkiewicz	19
npatony	17
jaredhk	16
snoman	14
Andrew_L	13
Sanket Nayak	12
ljensen	6
PeterR	6
Hitchhiker 42	5
tanman172000	4
niklas674	2
bobbysq	2
Big-b	2
Darre_Bonfire	2
Dan T.	2
DohertyBilly	2
ThatSoftwareGuy	2
gixxy	2
Zagar	2