CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #758



We’re back!

The scores after the last round:

Tomithy 104
Cyberphil 101
efoote868 90
EricH 89
cgmv123 88
GaryVoshol 78
Leap 76
GeeTwo 74
ctt956 72
Wayne Doenges 56
DonRotolo 53
ClayTownR 50
bdaroz 49
carpedav000 35
SaltisVonWaltis 24
Al Skierkiewicz 19
npatony 19
jaredhk 16
snoman 14
Andrew_L 13
Sanket Nayak 12
ljensen 6
PeterR 6
Hitchhiker 42 5
tanman172000 4
gixxy 4
gellnick 4
Mr_Tatorscout 3
niklas674 2
mastachyra 2
bobbysq 2
Big-b 2
Darre_Bonfire 2
Dan T. 2
DohertyBilly 2
ThatSoftwareGuy 2
Zagar 2
Brittan 2
Quarked 2
Cleanse 2

The rules, for the newbies.

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Sunday at midnight Eastern.



FRC 2019 team members will do ANYTHING to get a close look at things that might help them. In this case, two members of team 900 donned striped shirts and reverse time-traveled to 2010. Gotta see how those ramps work.


Ref with cap: What is that thing? You think maybe it’s a…no, it’s not one of those.
Other ref: Oh, oh, I know what it is. It’s one of those…no.
Together: What is that thing?


“All I know is, the coach said, if we delay this long enough he has a cooler of cold ones waiting for us.”


“Trying to figure out why there’s no water game.”


FIRST: For Inspiration and Recognition of Safari Tourists
In this photo the tourists are shown taking pictures of zebras.


“After further review, the robot is in fact not Wall•E, not is it Eve. I feel lied too.”


Ref1: so much red
Ref2: and metal
Ref1: I wonder what it is?


Ref 1: Do you have an 84 inch cylinder?
Ref 2: Nope.
Ref 1: Do you think they designed with an 84 inch cylinder?
Ref 2: Nope.
Ref 1: Do you think other teams will care if we ignore R10?
Ref 2: Nope.


1st ref: How the H@^$ did a robot meant to play soccer get a gear in the high Frisbee goal
2nd ref: And how the hell did it swim up to the platform
3rd ref who showed up out of no where: you two better wake up now, you have to make sure hatch panels are not thrown.


Oh no, it doesn’t score. You see this thread coming off of the BUMPERS? It’s hanging below the edge of the platform.


1st ref: I swear it said something!
2nd ref: Yeah right!
Robot: Danger, Will Robinson.
Both refs: (Terrified Silence)


Ref 1: What are we doing here?

Ref 2: Making it look like we have a hard decision to make.

Ref 1: Shall we remind the photographers that refs’ decisions are final, and we won’t review media?


Ref 1: Hmm, I Can’t Seem to read the number on the Bumpers
Ref 2: It looks like 8185 to me
Ref 1: No, I think it looks more like Ei86?


Refs: “We better make the right call or social media will be all over us.”


Are they still taking pictures? We got to make this look good!


Is that a… is that a human inside of the robot!? How did this pass inspection!?


Ref 1 - " Alright get ready to pose."
Ref 2 - " Why do we have to do this again?"
Ref 1 - " Because if we don’t then it looks like we aren’t doing our job."
Ref 2 - " What job?"
Ref 1 - " Making educated guesses."


They said this is where the Pez come out. I don’t see any Pez though…


Smells like…