CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #769

Let’s get to it!

The scores after the last round:

Tomithy 148
EricH 138
efoote868 117
cgmv123 117
GaryVoshol 112
Cyberphil 110
GeeTwo 101
Leap 89
DonRotolo 80
Wayne Doenges 78
ctt956 72
ClayTownR 54
bdaroz 49
SaltisVonWaltis 39
carpedav000 35
hamac2003 32
Osby 23
npatony 23
Al Skierkiewicz 21
jaredhk 20
Squirrel2412 17
snoman 14
Andrew_L 13
Dan T. 12
Sanket Nayak 12
ljensen 12
tjf 10
gellnick 10
fuddster 10
typeusernamehere 10
gixxy 8
PeterR 6
Hitchhiker 42 5
Mr_Tatorscout 5
tanman172000 4
TheFlash 4
niklas674 2
mastachyra 2
Richard Wallace 2
bobbysq 2
Big-b 2
Darre_Bonfire 2
DohertyBilly 2
ThatSoftwareGuy 2
Zagar 2
Brittan 2
Quarked 2
Cleanse 2
thedjchi 2
Greeneh 2
Ian4467 2
Rival 2
ash4fun 2
minc3r 2
The_Flames 2
Ryan_Brown_6032 2
quarky 2
Lil_Lavery 2
MoistRobot 2
SnapDragon 2
Anthony4004 2
Weeks1983 2
topace103 2

The rules, for the newbies.

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Sunday at midnight Eastern.


K9’s design doesn’t change much in the next 3000 years I guess.

Refferee: You see that little hook sticking out? Yeah that’s a G20 violation. waves flag


Eat recycled food. Its good for the environment, and okay for you. The Servo Droid is your friend.

Embarrasingly, 769’s rookie robot used less than a square foot of plywood. On the positive side, the pipes never froze no matter how cold the movable goals were.

Wait… Duct tape and zip ties CAN’T fix everything? That’s not what they told me in Robot Building school!

Sometimes, you just gotta slap an RSL light and some bumpers onto a UFO from somebody’s backyard and call it a robot.

I gotta say, that is some BLUE hair!

Roomba’s first prototype needed a lot of refinement.

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“Well,this piece of junk looked better in CAD.”
Student with the blue hair

NEVER let robot students build furniture. This is their attempt at a coffee table.

We spent four weeks trying to make the robot drive, a week finding a strong enough coat hanger, a week building a crate, only to watch the BEAST walk away with all of it… never again.

His first attempt at a teleportation machine only managed to knock him over when he tried to use it.

Here we see a hint for the 2020 game, Air Duct Adventure.

A young Mark Leon once time-traveled to the future. Here, he’s seen trying to blend in at an FRC event. Hey, you didn’t spot him either!

That moment where you find the dog at the party

Do you think that it will grow up to lead the big planes

Team 769’s attempt at a world map done FRC style: the Landstown High robot represents a land mass, and the person’s blue hair represents water.

769 Student: “The globe is 70% water but our map only shows about 30% water because we are protesting the GDC’s unwillingness to have a water game”


Can you imagine the G20’s this thing would generate?

Hey, at least our robot can dye someone’s hair blue. That’s gotta be something, right?

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