CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #773

We made it!

The scores after the last round:

Tomithy 167
EricH 149
efoote868 128
cgmv123 125
GeeTwo 120
GaryVoshol 120
Cyberphil 110
DonRotolo 97
Leap 89
Wayne Doenges 86
ctt956 72
ClayTownR 54
bdaroz 49
SaltisVonWaltis 41
hamac2003 36
carpedav000 35
Osby 32
gellnick 26
Squirrel2412 26
npatony 23
Al Skierkiewicz 21
jaredhk 20
snoman 14
Dan T. 14
Andrew_L 13
Sanket Nayak 12
ljensen 12
typeusernamehere 12
tjf 10
gixxy 10
fuddster 10
topace103 8
tanman172000 6
PeterR 6
Hitchhiker 42 5
dodar 5
Mr_Tatorscout 5
Richard Wallace 4
bobbysq 4
TheFlash 4
MoistRobot 4
Ninja_Bait 4
niklas674 2
mastachyra 2
Big-b 2
Darre_Bonfire 2
DohertyBilly 2
ThatSoftwareGuy 2
Zagar 2
Brittan 2
Quarked 2
Cleanse 2
thedjchi 2
Greeneh 2
Ian4467 2
Rival 2
ash4fun 2
minc3r 2
The_Flames 2
Ryan_Brown_6032 2
quarky 2
Lil_Lavery 2
SnapDragon 2
Anthony4004 2
Weeks1983 2
Ares 2
JKBear331 2
Z-Ali 2
CalTran 2
ThunderStruck 2
Aiden 2

The rules, for the newbies.

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Sunday at midnight Eastern.


After using this drivetrain with these specs, the infamous poohbear began work on his next creation.

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The Creation of the Wheel
3500 BC, colorized

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Me: How is the fan powering the wheel?
Programming: We didn’t have anything to do with it
Me: That explains a lot

Pit Scouters: “So what would you say is the most unique aspect about your robot?”
Team 773: “Well you see…”

“I’m just developing a powered unicycle.”

No one believed he was the team spokesman until he created a visualization tool.

My face when I’ve been working on a specific design for a part and the mentors/captains say that they don’t need it anymore

“What do you mean, you don’t drive up to Level 3?”

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This is what happens when you ask a rookie to get you a wheel, but don’t specify the size.

You could make a swerve drive out of this!

He said he was working on a unicorn swerve. Turns out it was unicycle swerve.

Slightly less impressive as creating a self-balancing big-wheel unicycle was the fact they complied with all starting configuration size requirements. Watching this robot unfold is a sight to see!

"No, not that wheel, I want the big wheel!’

Amazing that in 2003 they were already thinking of Bumpers. Less satisfying is that the Red Bumper Covers still don’t fit any better in 2019 and sag all the time.

I don’t think that’s what they had in mind when they said to take the robot out for a spin.

This is the only right answer to climb level 3

There’s nothing like a robot that’s entirely pinch points.

But if he used those wheels are used, the robot would not fit the frame perimeters.

Our smallest team member shows off our new 8" spoked wheel