CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #774

We made it!

The scores after the last round:

Tomithy 169
EricH 151
efoote868 130
cgmv123 127
GaryVoshol 123
GeeTwo 122
Cyberphil 110
DonRotolo 102
Leap 91
Wayne Doenges 88
ctt956 72
ClayTownR 54
bdaroz 49
Osby 42
SaltisVonWaltis 41
hamac2003 38
carpedav000 35
gellnick 28
Squirrel2412 28
npatony 23
Al Skierkiewicz 21
jaredhk 20
Dan T. 16
snoman 14
Andrew_L 13
Sanket Nayak 12
ljensen 12
typeusernamehere 12
tjf 10
gixxy 10
fuddster 10
topace103 10
tanman172000 6
PeterR 6
Hitchhiker 42 5
dodar 5
Mr_Tatorscout 5
Richard Wallace 4
bobbysq 4
TheFlash 4
MoistRobot 4
Ninja_Bait 4
Z-Ali 4
ThunderStruck 4
Aiden 4
niklas674 2
mastachyra 2
Big-b 2
Darre_Bonfire 2
DohertyBilly 2
ThatSoftwareGuy 2
Zagar 2
Brittan 2
Quarked 2
Cleanse 2
thedjchi 2
Greeneh 2
Ian4467 2
Rival 2
ash4fun 2
minc3r 2
The_Flames 2
Ryan_Brown_6032 2
quarky 2
Lil_Lavery 2
SnapDragon 2
Anthony4004 2
Weeks1983 2
Ares 2
JKBear331 2
CalTran 2
Kaitlynmm569 2

The rules, for the newbies.

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Sunday at midnight Eastern.


Robots: Putting minimum-wage workers out of business all over the place, including the local grocery store parking lot’s cart pushers–at least for 2:15.

Forget Recycle Rush: the 2021 game is going to be Shopping Spree.

Today’s Special: Two free tickets and a Blue Banner!

After you return all the shopping carts to the store, there is a clean up in aisle three.
A robots work is never done.

$1 a night for redbox movie rentals? Man those were the days.

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Hey if I saw those discounts on Blue Banners, you bet I would have gone too.

After seeing the BoM, Pit Boss decided to do some shopping for the humans on the team.

Looks like Meijer’s grocery delivery service has some competition.

Get 'em while they last, BOGO Hurdles.

Life of a World champion. One day your on top of the ramp when the confetti falls, then your pushing at cart at the local grocery store…

Finally, a robot that orders and collects its own parts!

And they’ve been shopping for another world championship ever since…

Well let’s see. Well take one of those $19.95 2006 Regional Champs banners too.

One way of getting more robot parts. Yoink!

We live in a different era now, I propose changing the saying from “Bull in a China shop” to “Robot in a supermarket.”

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Great, can hardly wait for the “Student Built vs Mentor Built vs Robot Built” to begin. /s


Although apparently violating all bumpers rules, the Blue Alliance did receive contact inside the frame perimeter.

Manager: “yeah, hes only really useful during those summer pool tube sales we have. other than that…”

They knew that they’d eventually be the the team that can cover their walls with blue banners, but they had to start somewhere.