CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #775


Let’s get to it!

The scores after the last round:

Tomithy 172
EricH 153
efoote868 132
cgmv123 129
GaryVoshol 125
GeeTwo 124
Cyberphil 110
DonRotolo 104
Leap 101
Wayne Doenges 90
ctt956 72
ClayTownR 54
bdaroz 49
Osby 47
SaltisVonWaltis 43
hamac2003 40
carpedav000 35
gellnick 30
Squirrel2412 30
npatony 23
Al Skierkiewicz 21
jaredhk 20
Dan T. 18
snoman 14
ljensen 14
typeusernamehere 14
Andrew_L 13
Sanket Nayak 12
topace103 12
tjf 10
gixxy 10
fuddster 10
tanman172000 6
PeterR 6
Hitchhiker 42 5
dodar 5
Mr_Tatorscout 5
Richard Wallace 4
bobbysq 4
TheFlash 4
MoistRobot 4
Ninja_Bait 4
Z-Ali 4
ThunderStruck 4
Aiden 4
niklas674 2
mastachyra 2
Big-b 2
Darre_Bonfire 2
DohertyBilly 2
ThatSoftwareGuy 2
Zagar 2
Brittan 2
Quarked 2
Cleanse 2
thedjchi 2
Greeneh 2
Ian4467 2
Rival 2
ash4fun 2
minc3r 2
The_Flames 2
Ryan_Brown_6032 2
quarky 2
Lil_Lavery 2
SnapDragon 2
Anthony4004 2
Weeks1983 2
Ares 2
JKBear331 2
CalTran 2
Kaitlynmm569 2
Fields 2
sgeckler 2
jackTHEnerd 2

The rules, for the newbies.

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Sunday at midnight Eastern.



That guy is so sad his safety glasses are blue!


Andy’s thoughts: I swear, if I hear ONE MORE “Andy Baker” joke from these guys, I’ll unleash AB2K19 against them, every single match!"


Andy thinks, “Why are they all trying so hard not to look at my jacket?”


No, I didn’t steal the cookies from the cookie jar…


Why does everyone keep calling me Andy Mark…?

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While every student in FIRST can go pro, Andy isn’t impressed with that student’s chances.

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“The cloaking suit works with just about everyone, bar Dean. I knew he had denim vision…”


Andy Baker thinking - “Your Minnesotan accents are weird”
Students thinking - “Your Hoosier accent is weird”

[NPOE] More TechHOUNDS alum! Hey Charles - you’re famous! [/NPOE]


This was the 5th time that day that someone asked Andy to bring back half-compliant wheels, as shown by his facial expression.


Andy sits and listens, as he’s reminded that the spark maxes have sold out for the 10th time that week

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After the 100th time that Charles introduced Andy as a former boss, Andy found it hard to show much emotion.

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Mr. Baker is disappointed with his company’s AndyMarketing campaign for blue side shields. Everyone else in the picture is wearing them in green or clear.


Andy’s thoughts: Do I really have to be leading this tour of AndyMark? What happened to Mark? He should be the one leading this tour.
Student: “What happened to Mark? The company’s called AndyMark, right? Not Andy?”
Teacher: “That’s a good question. Andy, can you tell the students?”
Andy’s thoughts: Really? I don’t know what happened to Mark.
Andy: “Uh…”


It’s bad enough when your team mates make fun of you because you assembled the gearbox with the bosses to the center, but it’s a whole 'nother level to get Andy’s face of disappointment.