CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #782

Let’s do it again, shall we?

The scores after the last round:

GeeTwo 10
efoote868 5
Leap 3
GaryVoshol 2
EricH 2
Wayne Doenges 2
cgmv123 2
Osby 2
Tomithy 2
gellnick 2
hamac2003 2
Squirrel2412 2
jackTHEnerd 2
EricKline 2
quin 2

The rules, for the newbies.

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Sunday at midnight Eastern.


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Everybody focused on the elegant design, the friendly students willing to answer questions, and the slick banner plastered with American flags.

Nobody noticed the dark green bin ominously lurking in the corner.

12 years later, this mistake would come back to haunt them…


Guy in purple: Uh, nice pit and all, but where exactly is the robot? It’s not behind me is it?

Foolishly, people underestimated their Power!

The Kilowatts having themselves a banner year.

Guy in Purple: Uh oh guys… Here comes Colin Kaepernick! Hide the banner and cover up the Nike sponsor logo on the robot!

Tesla never paid the Kilowatts for their advertising.

Team 782 demonstrates how to fit a 10 foot wide banner into an 8’x8’ booth, and make it look like you planned it that way.

Guy in purple, talking to colleague on the headset: “See I told you these shirts weren’t over the top. Come look at the red-and-white checks this kid on the Kilowatts is wearing.”

“Yeah, I lit my only shirt on fire working on the robot. So I stole a table cloth from the Sonic down the street. Looks nice, right?”

Guy in purple travels back in time to 2003: “This weakness is so disgusting, I can’t even look. That robot has only 1kW of power; robots from my time have (12V*120A) = 1.44kW of power. And the motors these people use, too, just terrible. Drill motors are so much worse than my favorite motor.”

"It’s One Thousand Kilo’s, we never say the “M” word on the Kilowatt’s.

Veteran team members admonish a rookie for using the word mega.

When there aren’t any limits on banner size, teams will take that as a challenge to build the biggest banner possible.

FRC team 782 was many thing, but a fashion icon wasn’t one of them.

Arguing next to the robot
Team captain: “You said the pits were 8 feet???”

Image Lead: “They are 8 feet. You insisted on an 18 foot banner to ‘impose dominance.’”

Ahh, camp season is fun. Let’s get to this!

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

And the burn award goes to:

Which means the scores are:

GeeTwo 12
EricKline 12
efoote868 7
Osby 7
Squirrel2412 5
GaryVoshol 4
EricH 4
Wayne Doenges 4
cgmv123 4
Tomithy 4
gellnick 4
hamac2003 4
Leap 3
gixxy 2
jackTHEnerd 2
quin 2
wgorgen 2


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