CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #802

It seems as though “Disaster Girl” has finally met her match!

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Seen here: CTRE testing Falcons at stall.


This is what happens when one Terminator shows up to a competition. Imagine having 4730 of them.

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And so it began. The bonfire was lit, the flare had been struck, and the ritual was almost complete. Now all that was left was to sacrifice an incoming freshman, and the FRC gods would be appeased for another year.

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Water game? No no no, we need a fire game!

You may have heard of Isaac Asimov’s “Three Laws of Robotics”. You might not have heard of the lesser known fourth law: “Robots shall look flippin’ sweet while obeying the first three laws”

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Desperately trying to use a robot to combat the record cold snap.

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The crazy things that happen over the border, we have only adopted a few of them. (FRC, FTC this year, and this thing called thanksgiving that should be celebrated without the harvest being under a few centimetres of snow, for example)

Cool robots don’t look at explosions.

Prototyping is going well for the endgame element in next year’s water game FIRST: Viking Funeral.

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Next year the Olympics will use a robot to light the torch. Here is this team’s submission video.

That’s done, brothers! Everyone grab a pitchfork and we’ll show those fleshies what we’re made of!

“Welp, there goes the rocket. I told you that was the wrong autonomous routine!”

This horrific scene shows the Kickoff Field moments after the game animation opened with “Recycle Rush 2.0”

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The team shown won the Safety Animation Award with this picture titled “The Dangers of HOTspots in FRC”

Team 67 preforms their annual freshman initiation.

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Getting rid of all the now unnecessary robot bags in the least environmentally friendly way possible.

The burn award takes on a whole new meaning after seeing this picture…

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Hi from New York!

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

And the burn award goes to:

Which means the scores are:

Tomithy 77
efoote868 71
GeeTwo 69
gellnick 69
GaryVoshol 64
Squirrel2412 63
EricKline 61
EricH 58
Wayne Doenges 51
cgmv123 49
Mr.Mascot 43
gixxy 42
DonRotolo 33
Osby 29
quin 22
C_MacC 18
VanNerd 15
Aiden 14
NatsirtD 14
Richard Wallace 12
jackTHEnerd 12
hamac2003 10
wgorgen 10
Thequackmaster 10
Kaitlynmm569 8
typeusernamehere 5
SaltisVonWaltis 4
Mika1820 4
rsisk 3
AustinShalit 3
Leap 3
TheFlash 2
SnapDragon 2
Duoquinquagintillion 2
346CADmen 2
GoalkeeperBoss 2
Attention 2


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