CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #815

Let’s go!

The scores after the last round:

efoote868 119
gellnick 115
GaryVoshol 109
Tomithy 101
GeeTwo 97
Squirrel2412 91
EricH 88
Wayne Doenges 85
cgmv123 73
Mr.Mascot 69
EricKline 63
gixxy 56
DonRotolo 53
Osby 53
C_MacC 49
quin 46
wgorgen 45
NatsirtD 24
Aiden 20
VanNerd 19
jackTHEnerd 14
Richard Wallace 12
Thequackmaster 12
hamac2003 10
Attention 10
clonedcheese 9
Kaitlynmm569 8
rsisk 7
typeusernamehere 7
SaltisVonWaltis 6
Mika1820 4
Gavatron77 4
AustinShalit 3
Leap 3
ljensen 2
TheFlash 2
SnapDragon 2
Duoquinquagintillion 2
346CADmen 2
GoalkeeperBoss 2
AsianManSteve 2

The rules, for the newbies.

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Sunday at midnight Eastern.


Trying to form 1023 while on the field didn’t work quite as well as these teams hoped, particularly when they derailed.

Michigan meta: DOGPILE!

Here we see some ADVANCED and POWERFUL defense strategies being played by a team on a HOT streak. The robots try to escape at LIGHTNING speed but cannot. This challenge would have brought them up to the level of ROBOT MASTERS.

67’s drive team members are now currently employed by a NASCAR team.

“The Big One” is no big deal.

Just fix them in the pits.

If you look closely at the drive team’s faces, you can see three of the primary emotions conveyed at competition.
Despair, fear, and exhilaration

When you tell FRC students that there is only one parking space left.

A pre rendezvous rendezvous (most of these will not be as positive as the ruling here)

“Get the pokey-pokey stick to clear that jam!”

The key to undoing a pileup like this is to find the one robot that’s holding it all together and move it so it all goes tumbling everywhere.

The true reason FIRST doesn’t bother with bumper cars, but still requires bumpers.

Team HOT trying to realize that year’s game hint…
five 'bots tangling with pasta [on] Montana’s green heights


When someone says that you can grab pizza once you have parked your robot.

Before Caption Contest #815:

Newbie: Is it like battle bots?
Me: Not at all.

After Caption Contest #815:

Newbie: Is it like battle bots?
Me: Ummm…

Seating at worlds in a nutshell.

Before the regolith in Lunacy, we turned the field gravity off!

This neighborhood is so rough you’d think it was the Ripplemeyer Ave. regional… (or was it Belmont?)

I would like to quickly thank all of the teams in this match for kindly providing a demonstration on why you shouldn’t tailgate.

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Interrogative Foxtrot, over?

With the number of robots piled up, its surprising all of the teams involved are from Michigan as opposed to Calhoun County, Tennessee.