CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #82

It’s that time again.

Here’s the scores:

Gary Dillard	78
MissInformation	74
T. Hoffman	72
Rich Wong	66
EddieMcD	62
Dlavery	61
Jay H 237	59
Andy Baker	55
Icurtis	54
Al Skierkiewicz	52
Jay Trzaskos	52
EricH	50
KathieK	47
Nehalita	45
Wayne Doenges	44
Dorienne 007	41
Bcahn836	41
Arefin Bari	38
Koko Ed	34
DCA Fan	30
Artdutra04	29
EricS-Team180	29
Amanda Morrison	26
Ashley Christine	24
JosephM	23
Goober!!!	23
Xzvrw2	23
“Big Mike”	21
Andrew Blair	21
Kyle Love	19
KenWittlief	18
Alex Cormier	18
Conor Ryan	15
Mechanicalbrain	15
1derboy	13
Jessica Boucher	11
Tim Delles	11
KarenH	11
JVN	10
Pat McCarthy	10
Squirrelrock	10
Bill_Hancoc	10
Kjhobin	10
Richardp	9
Greg Needel	9
Dave Scheck	8
Kevin Kolodziej	8
Fruity Pebbles	7
DanielBCR	7
Tiffany34990	7
Brandy836	6
Elgin Clock	6
Miketwalker	6
RoboMom	6
Greencactus3	6
Sciguy125	6
Lil' Lavery	5
Lukevanoort	5
InfernoX14	5
Sciencenerd	5
Wetzel	5
Killerofkiller	4
Skimoose	4
Cyberguy34000	4
Denman	4
Zach Purser	4
Spears312	4
Adam Richards	3
Beth Sweet	3
Rich Kressly	3
RogerR	3
Ryan Foley	3
Tytus Gerrish	3
MattD1Drift	3
Shyra1353	3
Andrew Rudolph	2
BuddyB309	2
Eria4044	2
Kyle	2
Meredith343MiM	2
Mini-D67	2
Ogre	2
Sammy	2
Eugenia Gabrielov	2
Liz C	2
Matt Attallah	2
Rohan_DHS	2
anna~marie	1
Barry Bonzack	1
Ben Lauer	1
Boiler	1
Budda648	1
CarpeDiem	1
Cody C	1
Dubious elise	1
First degree	1
John Wanninger	1
KyleGilbert45	1
Lisa Perez	1
Meaubry	1
Mr. A	1
Mrblack298	1
Pwilczynski	1
Rees2001	1
Saru29	1
Termite233	1
Wilshire	1

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is Saturday at midnight BST


PS: If you’re submitting a second entry, please make a note that it is a second entry. And remember, I only look at the last entry you post before the deadline. (At least in an official capacity.)

“We are two survivors from the Titanic, and we’ve been stranded on this blasted iceberg since 1912!!!”

just a joke

Dottie- " I wish it were summer, i wish it were summer"
Al - “This is summer”
Dottie- " I am so moving to Florida"

Something tells me the Alberta Regional being held in the great outdoors won’t go over very well…

Yeah, SuperAl always saves the day, gets the girl, stands on the corpses of his snowy adversaries…

How was I supposed to know it would be this cold? It’s right beside Hawaii on the map!

Dottie: When you said “Our robot is going to be cooler than the North Pole,” and I replied, “Yes, dear whatever you say”, I didn’t intend that to mean that I wanted to go on vacation here!

Dottie: “Oh, goodness gracious! Al, a vicious polar bear is about to eat us! Just look at him in what would undoubtedly be the foreground of the lower right corner of a hypothetical picture taken by an imaginary person standing right in front of us!”

Al (in an uncharacteristically bold display of courage) : “Don’t worry, baby. I’ll protect you!”

Dottie: “You’re my hero!”

Al: “Fo sho. Now go stand behind that iceberg while I whip out my lighter…”

Al-“I WISH I WAS IRI RIGHT NOW!!!” :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

That’s funny, the weatherman didn’t mention anything about giant hail!

The Championship Wrap Party has been moved to a warmer location for 2006.

  1. “Help - we’re being attacked by a glacier. It will surely engulf us within the next 4-6 months.”
  2. “Does this coat make me look fat?”
  3. “I’m not sure this robot meets the size restrictions.”
  4. “I could have sworn we parked right around here.”
  5. “Help me - I married Cliff Claven from Cheers!!!”

Oh sure, you take the robot to Georgia, California, Texas, and Florida, but where do you take me on our Anniversary??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Dottie: See dear, I told you we should have stopped and asked for directions!

  1. Dottie: “I told you, you shouldn’t have taken that stupid bet. Now our friends are in sunny Florida and we are stuck in…where are we anyways?”
    Al: “Minnesota”

  2. Al: “You said you wanted to go south”
    Dottie: “Yes, but not to Antarctica.”

  3. Dottie: “Look, it says the Titanic struck here.” just kidding

  4. Here we see Dottie and Al. The last two people to survive the Survivors Alaska show. The others voted themselves off the island.

And if you call within the next 10 minutes, the second Iceburg is yours FREE*

*Any order for free iceburg must include $50,000 U.S.D shipping and handling

“I-i-it’s-s-s co-o-o-o-old out he-e-ere!”
“At least the robot isn’t freezing.”

Oh, Al… you sweetie… you took me all the way up here to get my special ingredients for “Dottie’s Iceberg Cookies”. You’re the best!

Andy B.

Dottie: Al when you sang “Come Sail Away” at our wedding, I thought you were talking about to the Caribbean, or maybe the Bahamas… ot the top of the world.

Dottie: AL! I told you I wanted Iceberg Lettuce not an ICEBERG