CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #822

“Hey, the students were right! This IS a great blow drier!”

Look’s like there are three “things” that come from this hat.

The last time we saw mentor John was just before we fired up our vacuum intake back in '04 and realized we had it wired backwards. RIP

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Whaddya say? I think all your words got sucked into the ductwork.

I’m sorry, but the rules clearly state that you’re only allowed to use the pneumatic components listed. Nope, duct work is not a legal pneumatic component.

This here is the beginning of our new duct work removal mechanism we are making to be competitive against 71’s game-breaking machine. The strategy is to stay in zone 1 or 5 depending on alliance color and use a gigantic scissor lift to take our mechanism close to the ceiling at which point it will remove the venue’s duct work. The venue will then maybe evacuate or at the very least call a field fault. We will also get a red card, but the mechanism is also designed as a pneumatic component that can suck the red card into the robot. If the red card is not visible, it doesn’t exist. After enough field faults hopefully the refs will just keep our score. We will get the small amount of points for our robot being in the zone it is, and 71 gets no points since they haven’t had time to move stuff. Ez dubs.

Nothing in the rules this year against smoke machines to obscure the field!

“That’s a fancy new vacuum cleaner you got there. Does it suck?”
“Then why did you buy it?”

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822’s robot did a fair job playing Zone Zeal, but its time to shine was at post-season demos, playing “Duct Duct Goose”.

Faced with financial trouble, team 822 had to acquire building materials from the warehouse they were working in.

Needless to say, the landlords were not pleased.

Team 822’s fast cycling in the 2002.5 FIRST Game, Barbershop Brawl was credited to their high volume hair cutting mechanism design, based heavily on the Flowbee, that epitomized what would become known that season as “touch in, own it, cut it”.

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Dinner come right up! And it comes out of a tube! What is this, the future? It ain’t 2020 yet, it’s only 2002. I wonder what FIRST will be like in 2020…

“Where’d the students go?”
“The robot ate them.”

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Under close inspection, this image of the last and only time the FRC Chief Robot Inspector before Al Skierkiewicz inspected Team 1293’s electronics too closely reveals the real reason he was never found: Team 1293 had somehow managed to conceal a wormhole into Billfred’s workroom in their highly FRC-illegal nuclear power plant coolant pump.
Legend has it Billfred still doesn’t know who took careful notes red-flagging all 822 safety violations in his workroom before cleaning and sorting the entire mess.

Every year, team 822 sacrificed an unknowing freshman to the endless void of their robot in order to appease the FIRST gods.

Preparing to dive headfirst into the portal where magic smoke disappears to.

Finally! A legitimate use for Duct Tape.

[NPOE]If it walks like a duct and quacks like a duct…[/NPOE]

“Oh shoot, I dropped a screw in there!”

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Alright, let’s get this judged!

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

And the burn award (which I swear is not triggered from memories of the Pandamaniacs build season) goes to:

Which means the scores are:

gellnick 148
efoote868 135
GaryVoshol 126
GeeTwo 124
Tomithy 119
EricH 116
Wayne Doenges 109
Squirrel2412 107
cgmv123 97
Mr.Mascot 85
DonRotolo 69
Osby 65
quin 65
C_MacC 64
EricKline 63
wgorgen 59
gixxy 58
NatsirtD 47
Aiden 26
VanNerd 19
jackTHEnerd 18
clonedcheese 13
Richard Wallace 12
Thequackmaster 12
Attention 12
rsisk 11
hamac2003 10
TheRealJamesOo 10
Kaitlynmm569 8
typeusernamehere 7
SaltisVonWaltis 6
Karaoke 6
Mika1820 4
Gavatron77 4
Isserlis 4
OroArmor 4
AustinShalit 3
Leap 3
ljensen 2
jaredhk 2
npatony 2
TheFlash 2
SnapDragon 2
Duoquinquagintillion 2
346CADmen 2
GoalkeeperBoss 2
AsianManSteve 2
bsimmons 2
sk2983 2
wawa24 2


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