CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #84

Overheard at a recent exorcism…

Father Merrin: “The Power of Christ compels you…to put those balls down!”

Billfred: “Ack! Argh! Gurgle! Pbbt! Snork! Snozzzzzzzz…OK.”

“Soon I’ll have all the balls in Vex, ALL THE BALLS! HAHAHA!!”

This is an excerpt from the book “Juggling for First Nerds”. “When you have lost a juggling ball, you can easily replace it with these handy dandy VEX scoring devices available at any First competition. Make believe you are a field judge or volunteer an no one will ever notice you take a few.”

Uh oh. Where are my notes from the FVC game design meetings? Clearly we forgot a few rules if THAT passed inspection.

“And Billfred procliamed: ‘Let all the jokes about me holding balls commence!’ And it was done.”

Hello, Bill Beatty… As you see this picture you are getting sleepy, very sleepy… When you awake you will feel a sudden compulsion to send me the plans for the Beast 2006, yes that’s right, the full CAD drawings, along with a crew of informed students to aid D5 in it’s construction… Snaps Fingers

“Here comes Billfred Cottontail,
Hoppin’ down the robot trail,
Look at him stop,
And listen to him say:
“Try to do the things you should.”
Maybe if you’re extra good,
He’ll roll lots of balls your way.”

<not an entry>sorry, it’s all I could come up with after 14 hours of robotics, and for some strange reason, Peter Cottontail has been going through my head.

My pretty, beatiful, sexy balls…All mine…:yikes::smiley:

Billfred stole the cookies from the cookie jar

This is Billfred before the trap closed on him
(the mice get their revenge at last)

I was tempted to invoke the Billfred Is Working Way Too Much Rule. But then I realized that tomorrow would be worse than today.

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

Honorable mentions go to:

  1. iCurtis
  2. DCA Fan
  3. Al Skierkiewicz
  4. Jay H 237
  5. Bcahn836
  6. Ogre
  7. T. Hoffman
  8. MissInformation
  9. EricH
  10. KathieK
  11. Wayne Doenges
  12. sciencenerd
  13. Zach Purser
  14. Dorienne 007

And the burn award…

(In my defense, I was just a plain ol’ judge. And this was after all the robots had skipped town. Besides, can you imagine what glare would’ve happened with my safety glasses on? Heidi, don’t answer that.)

Which means the scores are:

MissInformation	83
Gary Dillard	78
T. Hoffman	75
Rich Wong	69
EddieMcD	67
Jay Trzaskos	67
Dlavery	64
Jay H 237	64
Andy Baker	59
Al Skierkiewicz	59
Icurtis	59
Nehalita	56
EricH	54
KathieK	52
Wayne Doenges	50
Bcahn836	46
Dorienne 007	43
Arefin Bari	40
Koko Ed	37
DCA Fan	33
Artdutra04	31
EricS-Team180	29
Amanda Morrison	26
Goober!!!	25
Ashley Christine	24
Andrew Blair	23
JosephM	23
Xzvrw2	23
“Big Mike”	21
Alex Cormier	20
Kyle Love	19
KenWittlief	18
Zach Purser	16
Conor Ryan	16
Mechanicalbrain	16
1derboy	13
KarenH	12
Jessica Boucher	11
Tim Delles	11
Richardp	11
Bill_Hancoc	11
JVN	10
Pat McCarthy	10
Squirrelrock	10
Kjhobin	10
Greg Needel	9
Rich Kressly	8
Dave Scheck	8
Kevin Kolodziej	8
Tiffany34990	8
Fruity Pebbles	7
DanielBCR	7
Brandy836	6
Elgin Clock	6
Miketwalker	6
RoboMom	6
Skimoose	6
Greencactus3	6
Sciguy125	6
InfernoX14	6
MattD1Drift	6
Lil' Lavery	5
Lukevanoort	5
Sciencenerd	5
Wetzel	5
Killerofkiller	4
Ogre	4
Cyberguy34000	4
Denman	4
Boiler	4
Spears312	4
Adam Richards	3
Beth Sweet	3
RogerR	3
Ryan Foley	3
Tytus Gerrish	3
Matt Attallah	3
Shyra1353	3
Andrew Rudolph	2
BuddyB309	2
Eria4044	2
Kyle	2
Meredith343MiM	2
Mini-D67	2
Sammy	2
Cody C	2
Eugenia Gabrielov	2
Liz C	2
Pwilczynski	2
Rohan_DHS	2
anna~marie	1
Barry Bonzack	1
Ben Lauer	1
Budda648	1
CarpeDiem	1
Dubious elise	1
First degree	1
GaryV1188	1
Joe_P.	1
John Wanninger	1
KyleGilbert45	1
Lisa Perez	1
Meaubry	1
Mr. A	1
Mrblack298	1
Rees2001	1
Saru29	1
Termite233	1
Wilshire	1