CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #842

Let’s fly into a new week!

The scores after the last round:

Tomithy 34
EricH 32
Tinnittin 32
efoote868 28
Squirrel2412 28
Karaoke 27
gellnick 26
EricKline 24
Osby 22
GaryVoshol 22
quin 22
cgmv123 19
GeeTwo 18
Wayne Doenges 18
DonRotolo 10
rsisk 8
gixxy 6
jackoleary 6
Andy Baker 5
Emiliano6181 2

The rules, for the newbies.

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Sunday at midnight Eastern.


These are just the distraction–the REAL robot is over here points to the aluminum leaning against the wall.

OK guys, we built two identical copies of the drive train and lifters. Now how are we going to get the grabber to fit under the hallway ceiling?

“And they are still twins after this shot was taken with iDentical dents from the top of the door”

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It’s not like the paint makes it more aerodynamic or anything.

In a way, these students are a real life metaphor for an anodized robot. Functionally the same but the anodized version is just so much cooler.

Student 1: “With Covid going around, we decided to help out doctors do socially distant check-ups. Check out our robotic stadiometers!”
Student 2: “They can even measure Shaq!”

Stadiometers are used to measure human height.


Spy vs Spy just got a new side: Robot vs Robot.

The game of Keep Away has gone high tech.

Dueling Guillotines!

:musical_score:“Everybody clap their hands.” :musical_note:

You won’t BELIEVE this HOT new DEAL!

NOW, you can get TWO robots for the price of ONE* at your local Falcon Robotics!

But HURRY! This SPECIAL OFFER will expire soon! So come NOW before it’s TOO LATE!

*Batteries not included. Restrictions apply.


“Here we have 2 robots to represent a core value of our team: On team 842, we strive to represent the number 2 in all we do. Some examples of this are our 4-cube auto (which is 2+2 or 2*2), and the year our team was founded (2002). This core value is even reflected in our team number in which every digit is a power of 2.”

Here we see the OCD of the photographer: the kid with the white shirt, black pants, and white shoes is posing with the robot which is white on the lift fly, black on the lift tower, and white on the drive base, and the kid in all black is posed with the essentially all black robot. The team drew the line at adding a large black tie wrap to one robot and white one to to the other to mirror the pendant and hoodie laces, and moving the yellow key lanyard from one student to the other.

…and they chew doublemint.

Let’s get judgy, shall we?

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

And the burn award goes to:

Which means the scores are:

Tinnittin 42
Tomithy 39
EricH 34
efoote868 30
Squirrel2412 30
gellnick 28
Karaoke 27
Osby 25
EricKline 24
GaryVoshol 24
quin 24
cgmv123 21
GeeTwo 20
Wayne Doenges 20
DonRotolo 12
rsisk 8
gixxy 6
jackoleary 6
Andy Baker 5
Emiliano6181 2