CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #843

Feeling low today? Here’s a fix!

The scores after the last round:

Tinnittin 42
Tomithy 39
EricH 34
efoote868 30
Squirrel2412 30
gellnick 28
Karaoke 27
Osby 25
EricKline 24
GaryVoshol 24
quin 24
cgmv123 21
GeeTwo 20
Wayne Doenges 20
DonRotolo 12
rsisk 8
gixxy 6
jackoleary 6
Andy Baker 5
Emiliano6181 2

The rules, for the newbies.

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Sunday at midnight Eastern.


Someone needs to tell the mentor on the right: When shaking hands with the robot, you STILL need to use your RIGHT hand!

Well, we wanted to tip the balance of the scale in our favor, so we modeled our robot after a scale. We added a longer lever arm to our side and one of our mentors even pushed down on it!
EDIT: Sorry EricH, didn’t mean to reply to you

Fortunately there was no social distancing when this photo was taken. Otherwise it would have required a fish-eye lens to get everyone in while staying 6’ apart.

[npoe]It makes me a bit sad when I see a photo like this and now the first thing I think is, “6 feet!”)[/npoe]

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Recognizing the need to build a new shop, they started by prototyping (in miniature) the crane they would use to lift the steel. As it turned out, they found that steel and aluminum are galvanically incompatible.

The team built a social distancing robot, but when showcasing it they forgot what they had built it for.

Student #1: “Did you remember to release the tension of the return spring on the robot?”
Student #1: “I thought that was you job.”
As the team broke up, after the picture was taken, the mentor released the robot arm.
Needless to say, the mentor on the left was knocked over.
Student #1: “Maybe we should include hard hats in the pit.”

Canada Arm 3. 20% more polite than Canada Arm 2. Get yours todehhhh!

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Check your math :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(3/2 - 1)* 100 = 50%

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“We are ready for the baseball themed game”

Oh, look. We made a trebuchet. Not what we wanted, but trebuchets are cool!

Always good to see NASA re-purpose old FRC parts…



Due to a misunderstanding the Canada Arm 2 originally had a Chupacabra motor. After all the shop pets disappeared they switched to a Chiaphua motor.

Girl in yellow: Photo time!!
Kid in red shirt: I just want to work on the robot please don’t take more pictures

The guy in red is definitely the programmer: He looks like he hasn’t slept in days due to a couple all-nighters and is even so tired he can’t celebrate the completion of the robot.

Long weekends? What are those?

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

And the burn award goes to:

Which means the scores are:

Tinnittin 45
Tomithy 41
EricH 39
Osby 35
efoote868 32
Squirrel2412 32
gellnick 30
Karaoke 27
GaryVoshol 26
quin 26
EricKline 24
cgmv123 23
Wayne Doenges 22
GeeTwo 20
DonRotolo 14
rsisk 10
gixxy 6
jackoleary 6
Andy Baker 5
Emiliano6181 2