CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #845

It’s that time again, everyone!

The scores after the last round:

Tinnittin 55
Tomithy 43
EricH 41
Osby 38
Squirrel2412 37
efoote868 34
gellnick 32
GaryVoshol 28
quin 28
Karaoke 27
cgmv123 25
EricKline 24
Wayne Doenges 24
GeeTwo 20
DonRotolo 14
rsisk 10
gixxy 6
jackoleary 6
Andy Baker 5
PeterR 2
Emiliano6181 2

The rules, for the newbies.

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Sunday at midnight Eastern. I intend to be at Robot Fight Night this Saturday; if you’re also there, feel free to submit your entry in person (but from six feet away, please).


Welp, there go all the “Back in MY day, we didn’t have no stinkin’ bumpers!” arguments!

I think Toler owes some royalties!

Fresh from the French Revolution; Team 843 - The Guillotine Team

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That was my first thought too!
EDIT: It’s team 845. And I just realized Billfred has been using the Caption Contest number as the Team Number :sweat_smile:

(Whispering to other team’s driver)
Hey, do you want to play bumper cars in the practice field? I’ll bring some pizza!

Guy turning around: “Hey, what are those things for?”
Answer: “To prevent damage to our frame.”
Guy: “Nah, that’ll never catch on.”

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Introducing 845… Team Hipster! They had pool noodle bumpers before it was cool.

Hey 845, that’s a really cool idea. What if we were to cover them in red or blue fabric? That way we could get rid of the dumb rotating light.

New protocol implemented: all queuers need to be replaced with orange sheets of paper or flashing construction arrow signs.

We’re supposed to survive running into that?

2 hours before first match
“We still don’t have our mechanism!”
“Bring the ironing board!”

Left orange shirt, facing camera: “I just realized… I have the driveboard in my hands.”
Right, gray shirt: “So…?”
Left: “I can feel its power corrupting me already.”
Right: “I need to get out of here.”


Guy from 845, “Who cut the cheese!”

And here we can see the wild Proto-bumper Robot. Science has shown the large foam tubes are effective protection in high velocity collision.

Brown alliance!!!

wait, nevermind, bumper color rules don’t exist yet

Let’s get to it!

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

And the burn award goes to:

Which means the scores are:

Tinnittin 65
Tomithy 45
EricH 43
Osby 40
Squirrel2412 39
efoote868 36
gellnick 34
GaryVoshol 33
quin 30
Karaoke 27
cgmv123 27
Wayne Doenges 26
EricKline 24
GeeTwo 20
DonRotolo 16
rsisk 12
gixxy 8
jackoleary 6
Andy Baker 5
clonedcheese 3
PeterR 2
Emiliano6181 2


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