CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #852

It’s that time again!

The scores after the last round:

Tinnittin 85
Squirrel2412 65
EricH 60
efoote868 56
Tomithy 55
Osby 50
Wayne Doenges 49
GaryVoshol 48
quin 48
cgmv123 47
gellnick 46
DonRotolo 36
Karaoke 29
EricKline 24
rsisk 22
GeeTwo 20
gixxy 8
jackoleary 8
Andy Baker 5
clonedcheese 5
AustinShalit 4
NatsirtD 4
ari_2412 3
PeterR 2
Emiliano6181 2

The rules, for the newbies.

And the picture:

As always, the deadline is nominally Sunday at midnight Eastern.


“All right, folks, Mr. Wizard here will now do a trick for us. Mr. Wizard, what trick are you going to do this time? I hope I won’t be turned into a frog or anything again…”

“Oh, no, nothing so trivial. 5 balls will come out of nowhere and hit a target. Oh, and that purple thing on the carpet has nothing at all to do with it.”

“Ouch! Oof! Hey! Stop! Yow!”

“I never did specifiy the target. Now, about that frog…”

Here we can see Vermin Supreme running his first official town hall with high school students while running for president in '04.

How to win Einstein and millions.
Step one: get a magician
Step two: …
Step three: Profit!


Not even Merlin could predict what would happen for PARC 2020.

“On behalf of the magic vested in me, I say that the winner of caption contest 852 would be (inaudible microphone feedback). Would they please come down to claim they price.”

During the Summer break, the Head Master of Hogwarts likes to MC off season FRC events.

Monty Duct Tape and The Holy Bug-Free-Code, Scene 19

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No silly, the mascot is the old guy with the microphone singing all your favorite Yoko Ono hits… we didn’t really have much time, so we needed a short list of songs.

“Here we have 522’s mascot: the man in the moon. And just to preemptively prevent some tomfoolery here, no, the waxing moon logo does not give you permission to coat the field in wax with the excuse that it still has a higher coefficient of friction than Regolith.”

No, the half-moon on the hat does NOT indicate “loo”.

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Announcer: We have my main Magic Man Merlin here to give some color commentary. Magic Man Merlin, the robo wizards have had a historic run at the New York City regional. Can you explain the secret to your success?

Magic Man Merlin: It’s no secret that nobody understands qualifying points. So we studied and studied and studied the rulebook until we finally understood that winning cures all. That, and our programmers are true wizards at coding. With their magic and our solid understanding of the rules, the robo wizards have come out on top.

Announcer: You heard it folks. Magic Man Merlin, thank you for your time.

Magic Man Merlin: Now you see me, now you don’t. (POOF)

As the event staff looked for ways to fill time. The two guys in yellow shirts and everyone on the bleachers was thinking…

“Just wish we had some music so we could dance while the match is delayed.”

No, he doesn’t have the powers required to stop a global pandemic.

Emcee (on right): “So I’ve been told you finished the code during the drive from school to competition. That’s incredible! Can you walk us through what happened?”

Programmer (on left): “I aged myself in order to get the time we needed. It was an ancient, forbidden spell.”

Emcee: “You used dark magic?”

Programmer: “Worse. AllBlackEverything magic.”

It’s still Tuesday (in Hawaii)!

First place goes to:

Second place goes to:

And the burn award goes to:

Which means the scores are:

Tinnittin 87
Squirrel2412 75
EricH 65
efoote868 58
Tomithy 57
Osby 52
Wayne Doenges 51
GaryVoshol 50
quin 50
cgmv123 49
gellnick 48
DonRotolo 39
Karaoke 29
EricKline 24
rsisk 24
GeeTwo 20
gixxy 8
jackoleary 8
NatsirtD 6
Andy Baker 5
clonedcheese 5
AustinShalit 4
ari_2412 3
PeterR 2
Emiliano6181 2


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